Whitney Houston’s Family Slams Biopic

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s family has slammed her Lifetime biopic, saying that it was completely unauthorized. There were many great moments, but the family were upset with the way some of the truth was stretched. Even fans were unhappy with the way some of the events were skewed. The family took to the late singer’s website to share the statement over the biopic.

The statement was issued by Pat Houston, the singer’s sister-in-law. During it, she slammed both the network and Angela Bassett, who directed the movie, for airing the “subpar quality.” It was all from Bobby Brown’s perspective, which may have caused some issues. The family member announced that Lifetime has a habit of making poor biopics of celebrities after their death, and it is important to “brace yourself for the worst.”

There have been a number of biopics that have received negative reviews from critics and family members. Saved By the Bell and Brittany Murphy’s biopics are just two that Houston was referring to during her written rant.

The review continued with the news that this biopic was one that was not authorized by the family, which made matters worse. In fact, the I Will Always Love You singer’s mother asked for the movie not to happen, but Lifetime ignored that request.

While Houston’s family slammed Lifetime for the biopic, the writer also took aim as Bassett. Most recently known for her roles in American Horror Story, the director allegedly used her previous friendship to add some legitimacy to the movie. The singer’s sister-in-law claimed that people would always rise to profit from friendships, and that is a “slap in the face” to the real friends.

There were a number of questions raised during the biopic about the late celebrity. A number of Houston’s niece’s friends asked about the portrayal and information, leading to the young girl to ask her own mother for clarification. This led to the need to write everything on the website so that the whole world could know the truth.

She went on to claim that the legacy of the late singer was destroyed, while lifting Bassett up in the process. It is the element of elevation and degradation within the industry, and is disappointing for family members of the deceased. Houston has no way to protect herself after the movie, but there should have been a call to the individuals who could have protected her memory. This did not happen, nor did they receive an advance copy of the biopic. It has meant the family has gone into a stage of bereavement again, especially with the movie being released so close to the death of Houston.

The whole family has been shaken by the I Go to the Rock singer’s unauthorized biopic. The statement went on to say that she would have never allowed such movie to be made if she was still alive, nor would she have allowed someone without experience to tell her story. The statement ended to make it clear that this was not the “Whitney’s life story.” Fans were not happy with the biopic, and Houston’s own family slammed it due to the inaccuracies and extra story-telling.

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