‘American Idol’: Hollywood Week #1 [Recap & Video]

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It was the start of a whole new phase of the season on American Idol tonight, as Hollywood Week #1 kicked off and the competition got fiercer than ever. Over 200 competitors from around the United States received their Gold Tickets from the three judges, Harry Connick Junior, Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez, and in Hollywood, the numbers remaining got drastically less as the grueling cuts began tonight. Who will remain and who will be cut and get sent home? Read on to find out!

American Idol began with the host, Ryan Seacrest, saying “the road to stardom is about to get tougher. Only 24 of the contestants will ultimately be moving on after Hollywood Week is over.”

The competitors filed into a theater to await news from the judges. Keith said “it will be a rough week.” Harry said “We would like to hear a select few of you singing right now.” Ryan Seacrest said that they wanted to hear some of the most memorable of the competitors.

Jax from the Brooklyn, New York, auditions began first tonight. She sang Toxic by Britney Spears. She KILLED this song! Jax played the keyboards as she sang. She had an amazing voice! Everyone there gave her a standing ovation. The competitors got no feedback from the judges until the very end.

Mark Andrew from the Minneapolis auditions was next, followed by Emily Brooke, Sal Valentinetti, and then Adam Ezeglian. Adam sang Demons by Imagine Dragons and was TERRIFIC! The full performances of most of the singers were not shown, probably because of lack of time more than for any other reason.

Next up from the San Francisco auditions was Tyanna Jones, 16. Her mom was there. She sang her own original composition and was very soulful and did a brilliant job of singing.

Savion Wright was next on American Idol. He sang Up All Night to Get Lucky. The other competitors gave him a standing ovation. Hollywood Anderson was living on the streets in Brooklyn when he auditioned. He sang his own very cool version of Someone Like You, making it his own.

Shannon Berthiaume from Minneapolis went on stage next. She sang a Stevie Wonder song and began really well, but then lost her place and paused awkwardly. Then, she began it from more or less where she left off, and did a good job with the rest of the song. But, was her performance good enough to keep her on the show?

Adam Lasher took the stage after a commercial break. He was INCREDIBLE! He WAILED, both singing and playing the acoustic guitar. Harry said “I really think he’s got something.”

Garrett Miles sang To Make You Feel My Love. He is blind, but he is a very impressive singer and guitar player. He was extremely good.

Some singers had an issue tuning their guitars, and really blew their shot at progressing any further. However, Trevor Douglas, 16, did not blow his shot, when he sang a song from The Hobbit, Misty Mountains, and then got all wild on his guitar. He was tremendously WONDERFUL!

After more commercials, American Idol returned with Joey Cook playing her ukulele. She did not have her squeezebox tonight, but she still did a great job singing.

Backstage, Amber Kelechi, 16, was having an intense case of the nerves. She said “My family is depending on this.” She tried to shake everything off, but she was still visibly nervous. She sang Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, and got through the entire song, somehow.

“To the performers who sang today, will you please go up on the stage right now,” Harry said.

Harry then thanked all of them. Keith said that “You were all among the best we’ve heard.” Jennifer said “We’re going to give you all the benefit of the doubt. You will all be going through to the next round.”

After another commercial break on American Idol, the 179 remaining competitors were asked to take the stage on day 2 of Hollywood Week, in groups or lines of ten. Harry told them “Half of you all are going home.” The 38 from last night are advancing.

Reno was the first to perform. He was uber good. Priscilla Barker, 20, of Nashville, was next. She was also great, but was not chosen by the three judges to move on in the competition.

Jaq McKenzie said her mother and grandmother performed on the stage there. She sang Cool Kids by Echosmith. She had a beautiful voice, and did a terrific version of Cool Kids.

Jaq and Reno were among those who will be moving on. The cuts left many competitors in tears, knowing that there attempts to become the next American Idol had come to an end.

Erica Washington heated up the American Idol stage with Girl on Fire, and a couple of the male contestants hit on Jennifer Lopez. Michael Simeon was one of them — he danced with Jennifer in the auditions phase. This time, he played the keyboards and sang Warrior. “Big Ron” Wilson cranked it up to 10 with his soulful performance and keyboard playing on American Idol.

“I’m proud of all of you all,” Harry said. Jacob, Allie, and Matthew’s names were called off by Harry. It was the end of the road for them.

Then, Gabby Z, 16, sang on American Idol. She sang Bottom of the River. She had a great beginning, then stopped, totally losing her place, in shock. That is where the episode of American Idol concluded. Did she blow her chance to continue on, or will the judges allow her to start where she left off tomorrow night?

American Idol this Wednesday, February 4, began the Hollywood Week phase of the season with some of the best singers from the auditions performing. They all got a “pass,” and will be moving on to the next phase of the competition, despite some of them not performing at their highest level. Then, the remaining competitors took the stage, in groups of ten, and the cuts began in earnest. Only the very best will survive and continue on. Tune in tomorrow to watch another episode and then come back here to read the recap/review!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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