‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week #3 [Recap & Video]

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On American Idol tonight, the competitors are still in Hollywood, trying to impress the three judges with how well they can sing in a group situation. Last week, the contestants chose groups to be in and a song which they rehearsed and honed in the short time they had available. Some of the groups already went last week, with only the best ones from each group chosen by the judges to move on to the next phase of the competition.

American Idol began with Sals Gals singing. Alexis Granville, who had a major panic attack last week, recovered and did much better tonight. Jax was incredible, as she has been so far whenever she has performed.

“Alexis has shown how tough this is,” Harry said. “Again, we have to make some cuts.” He asked Alexis and Kelley to step forward, then Kelley to step back, and Jax to step forward. “Alexis, Jax, you are going forward,” Harry said.

One of the other contestants, Keri, had food poisoning, which leaves her fellow group members of Four To One with having to think of a backup plan. She said she would do the best she could, though. Her group sang With a Little Help From My Friends. All four of them were told they would be going on.

Cody Fry sang great in his group, We Are Boulevard, as did Rayvon Owen. They sang Since U Been Gone. Piper Jones also did a terrific job. Harry said “It was so smart to hear you sing that song. You got to sing melodies, and lyrics.”

“I’ll just keep it very short,” Jennifer Lopez told them. “You’re all going through to the next round.”

Team Yup was the next to perform on American Idol. Nobody in the group got to pass on.

Vital Signs with Adanna Duru, Cindy Maslov, and Denise Natoli sang I Want You Back. Keith said “You really need to pick a song that plays to everybody’s strengths.” Jennifer said that Cindy and Adanna will be moving forward to the next round.

LKYCO, or Ladies Keep Your Clothes On, then had their chance to shine on American Idol, with Trevor Douglas, Qaasim, Daniel Seavey and Savion Wright all in the group and harmonizing extremely well together, singing One Direction’s hit Story of My Life. The audience applauded enthusiastically. “I really heard some beautiful things,” Jennifer said. “All of you are going through to the next round.”

Hollywood Anderson of Team No Sleep was asleep on the floor, tired out from lack of sleep. He was not at all acting like a captain of the team. Laurel Taylor Taunton took charge, but the other girls in the group, like Amber Kelechi, did not like her bossing them around.

Loren Lott, Quentin Alexander, and Alexis Gomez shone in their groups. They were some of the competitors selected to move forward.

No Sleep performed next on American Idol, and did a pretty decent job, all things considered. “Hollywood, Monica – congratulations, you’re going through,” Harry said. The other team members will be headed home.

Back on American Idol after another commercial break, Lovey James, Jess Lamb, Karla Davis and Kory Wheeler sang a barbershop quartet version of All About That Bass. Kory did really well, and it sounded better than it might seem like it would sound. Lovey and Jess were chosen to move on.

Rocky Peter and Rich were at odds throughout the night, according to the host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest. Tanya Makenna was awesome, as was Rocky Peter. They sang Gonna Get It. Jennifer said “We have to go with our gut as to who we think will grow in this competition. Tanya Makenna, will you step forward?” Her name was the only one spoken and she will be going forward.

On American Idol, Team Soul Connection had a tough go of it, also, with the team members thinking that Heatherle Spires wanted to be in a different group. She acted as if she still wanted to be in the group, but she might not get the chance now to perform at all. Heather was allowed to reunite with the group, and they sang Grenade by Bruno Mars. They did a fantastic job, perhaps the best of the night so far.

Keith said “Serena Joie, can you step forward?” He ended up naming everyone except for Heatherle. They all will get to move on, except for her.

Mark Andrew, Alex Shier, Katherine Winston and Vanessa Andrea did great in their group, Mark Andrew’s Crew, singing With a Little Help From My Friends. “I need Alex to step forward, please; Mark, Katherine,” Harry said. They were the ones who got to progress to the next phase of the season on American Idol.

After that, the judges named contestants from a couple of groups who would be moving forward, without the performances being shown to the viewers of America. As this episode of American Idol is just an hour long, all of the performances, likely, could not be shown due to time constraints.

Garrett’s Girls were the second to the last group to perform. Garrett Miles sounded amazing. They sang All I Want to Be Is Done. Harry said “It’s not your day today.” Sadly, nobody in Garrett’s group will be moving forward.

The Violet Vixens were the final group to perform on American Idol. The captain said she felt she had let the group down. They sang the Queen song, Somebody to Love, and harmonized really, really well together. Joey Cook started off, doing the late Freddy Mercury proud. Shannon Berthuime also shone, as did Naomi — the entire group did a pretty amazing job with this Queen standard.

“Listen to me, Joey Cook — that is exactly what you do. The show must go on!” Harry told her and the group. Jennifer told them that they will all be moving on.

The cuts on American Idol were brutal tonight, with some very good singers getting eliminated, because they either got on a team that did not let them shine or they got on teams  they did not meld together well with the other team members, so they will not be moving on. For one example, many fans thought that Garrett Miles would probably be in the Top Ten, but despite a nice performance, he was cut. Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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