‘American Idol’: The Top 24 Move On [Recap & Review]

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American Idol tonight continued the Showcase Rounds of the competition with Showcase #2. The remaining musical artists will be cut from 48 to 24 by the end of tonight and the names of the Top 24 were revealed. Like last night, viewers got to see the contestants singing at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, California, trying to impress the three judges enough to move on to the next round.

American Idol began with Josh Andrews walking in to see what the three judges had to say about how well he did. They said he would not be continuing on to the next round.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said that “Nobody is safe.” Hollywood Anderson was the first performer of the evening. He did pretty well. Keith said “You look tired, dude. Unfortunately, you didn’t quite make the Top 24 this year.” It was a sad moment. Jennifer said “Thank you, Hollywood — we’re going to miss you.” Hollywood was in tears, but he said “I’m not done.”

Ryan told him “Like they said, you have an amazing gift. Keep sharing that gift.”

Joey Cook was getting more and more nervous. She did an AWESOME job singing at the House of Blues on American Idol, though, playing her ukulele, and singing Sweet Pea. When she walked in to see the judges, Harry asked her if she had had an “emotional day.”

On American Idol, Harry said “We truly care about everyone.” Harry told her it was “difficult comparing apples and oranges.” He called her a “kiwi.” Finally, he said “Congratulations, you made it to the Top 24.”

Katherine Winston sang the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon at the House of Blues on American Idol. “It’s been a tough couple of days for us,” Jennifer Lopez said. “The truth is, we felt every time you got up there, something magical happened, and we would love you to be in the Top 24.” She cried tears of joy, saying “This is huge!” Seacrest noted that “A victory for Katherine meant one less spot open for the ladies,” as American Idol went to a commercial break.

When American Idol came back from the break, Maddy Hudson was shown walking up to talk to the three judges and find out her fate. She had sung Diamonds on American Idol. She said she did not know she would have have “nerves like that.” Jennifer said “We think you need a little bit of time.” Keith said “Unfortunately for us, it’s a ‘no.'”

Alexis Gomez, 22, had received advice from Jennifer on American Idol to put a little more flair into her singing. She sang her own take of a The Band Perry song Better Dig Two at the House of Blues, singing a part of the song in Spanish.

Quentin Alexander took a different sort of chance, singing a lesser-known song by Foxes, Youth. Both Alexis and Quentin’s risks paid of for them, and they will be moving on to the next round of the competition. Both were told they were in the Top 24.

Savion Wright had made it to this point last year on American Idol, and he hoped that he had proven himself to be even better than he was last year. He sang I Don’t Trust Myself at the House of Blues. Keith said “You seemed really comfortable up there. We had to search ourselves and ask if you were really up to that sort of challenge.” Then, American Idol went to more commercials, right at the dramatic moment when Keith was about to tell Savion if he had made it into the Top 24 or not.

Keith said “We think you are,” after the commercial break on American Idol, so Savion will be moving on. The second time was the charm for him. Jaq Mckenzie and Hunter Larsen, however, found out that they will not be moving on.

Mark Andrew, 29, found out his fate next on American Idol. It would be literally his last shot, as he was at the cut-off age of 29. He had performed Hozier’s song, Take Me to Church, at the House of Blues, and had done an AMAZING job of singing it. Harry told him “We think you are in your own lane and have an unique sound. You’re in, bro — the Top 24!”

When American Idol returned from another commercial break, Trevor Douglas was up and his path to this point in the season was featured. He wanted to “make people happy and have a good time,” with his singing. He had performed Burning Love at he House of Blues on American Idol.

“Your vocals were not as good last night as I’ve seen you do in the past. We think you’re very talented and we would like to see you again. You’re in the Top 24,” Harry told him.

Emily Brooke, 15, who made a big splash during the Nashville Auditions on American Idol, sang a Keith Urban song, Stupid Boy, at the House of Blues. Jennifer told her “Emily, unfortunately, you did not make it through to the Top 24 this year.” Ryan said “At 15, she has time on her side.”

It is Nick Fradiani’s last shot as he, like Mark Andrew, is 29 this year. He had sung Drops of Jupiter at the House of Blues on American Idol and had NAILED it. Harry told him he had made it into the Top 24, so he will also be moving on in the competition. American Idol then went to yet another commercial break.

Sarina-Joi Crowe had tried three time previously to make it past this point. She gave a great performance at the House of Blues on American Idol, singing Big White Room. Harry said “You have to pick the best people who best represent that genre. And you best represent that genre. Congratulations!” Sarina will be also in the Top 24.

Qaasim Middleton was spiffed up with gold spats and red pants as he sang at the House of Blues on American Idol. Qaasim sang Satisfaction and KILLED the song! Jennifer Lopez thought he had done a fantastic job, and he had received a standing ovation. “I’ve got a question for you. Is Brooklyn in the house?” He told her “Brooklyn is in the house!” She gave him the good news that he had made it into the eleventh spot.

With one spot left on American Idol for one male to fill, there were two guys remaining who the three judges brought in to tell which one of them had made it through. Rickey Dale Hendricks had sung The Thunder Rolls for his original American Idol audition, and he had also done great singing Don’t Close Your Eyes at the House of Blues. Riley Bria also did an amazing job, though, so it was a tough decision. Harry said “Today, the person who is going through to the Top 24 is…Riley.”

Jelly Joseph, 26 had sung Bang Bang at the House of Blues on American Idol. Shi Scott had a rocky start, but had made a comeback in the group rounds and nailed her solo audition. At the House of Blues on American Idol, she WAILED, and really did a terrific job singing Higher Ground.

Harry told Jelly “The fact that you represented our city so incredibly well means the world to me.” Jennifer told her “We think you’re special.” Unfortunately, she did not make it into the Top 24, but Shi did make it, and will get to move on to the next round on American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest read off the list of the 24 American Idol competitors who had made it and will be moving on, and he said “Next week, they will be competing for your votes.”

The 12 women who will be moving on are Adana Duru, Jax, Joey Cook, Alexis Gomez, Loren Lott, Katherine Winston, Maddie Walker, Lovey James, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Shannon Berthiaume, Shi Scott, and Tyanna Jones. The 12 males who will be moving on are Trevor Douglas, Savion Wright, Riley Bria, Rayvon Owen, Adam Ezegelian, Quentin Alexander, Qaasim Middleton, Nick Fradiani, Michael Simeon, Mark Andrew, Daniel Seavey, and Clark Beckham.

American Idol concluded the Showcase Rounds of the season tonight with the 24 competitors who will be moving on to the next round learning their fates. Only 12 males and 12 females of the 48 who sang at the House of Blues on American Idol are going to get the chance to move on. Tune in next week to see another episode of American Idol on Fox!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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