Anki Overdrive to Release This September

Anki Overdrive

The scientific engineers working for Anki Overdrive have developed new slot cars which are actually slotless. The new Anki Overdrive toys will be released to stores for circulation later this year, in September. After the smashing success of Anki Drive, the new model will surely see great success as well.

The toy company’s main item for sale is a tiny, self-driven toy car. They can navigate elaborate tracks that can fill entire rooms, or even multiple rooms. They have promotional posters and solid sales records to back up the success of their product.

Once the 2013 Apple conference for developers ended, Anki’s announcement for Anki Drive was well received by consumers all around the world, setting high sales records in about 30 countries. Aside from a Frozen doll, the company’s starter kit, valued at $150, was the top-grossing toy on Amazon for the most recent holiday season.

However, even with the progress made after making just one high-profile design, the founder of Anki and robotic guru Boris Sofman feel that the company can do even better in the future. Co-engineers Hanns Tappeiner and Mark Palatucci both agree wholeheartedly. They are all hoping their newest project, Anki Overdrive, which they plan to announce this Saturday in New York, will do amazingly in the Toy Fair.

Tappeiner, who also acts as the company’s president, says that this new version of their cars will bring Anki into the next generation of toy design. He compared their version to the Google car, which may be an exaggeration, but the toy’s new software does sound impressive. Several of the new features include more flexible pieces of plastic that are bound together by magnetism and a number of additional kits that enhance the toy car’s performance, from turning to general acceleration.

Just like with the cars, the tracks themselves also have been gifted with new track kits that enhance elevation and launching capabilities. That does not mean the beginner 10-piece track kit is not entertaining enough, as it can be remodeled repeatedly for plenty of combinations. However, children around the world are less likely to grow bored if they use the expansions for a greater number of possible configurations. The extra pieces range in price from $10 to $30.

At the moment, the recreation of choice that most children, and even adults, find most appealing are video games which bring together elements of physical and virtual reality. Anki Overdrive is working on targeting that audience in order to bring focus to their upcoming toy car line, set for release in September 2015.

Anki’s overdrive model is purposefully designed to inform children on technology while they play. Customers who use the toys from the company can compete with their friends by using smartphones with Anki app technology, operating them as one would a steering wheel. The most anticipated change is that several of the vehicles come with their own phrases programmed into them.

With the soon-to-come unveiling of their model, Anki Overdrive will have an ample amount of time to prepare and promote itself for their scheduled September circulation release. Parents will no doubt be scrambling to give their children, and Anki, another great holiday season.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

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Photo by Jason Cipriani – Flickr License

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