Bruce Jenner Discusses ‘Devastating’ Car Accident

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner has spoken out to discuss the ‘devastating’ car accident over the weekend. He is working with the police, as they investigate the crash that led to one fatality. The ex-husband of Kris Jenner says that he is extremely sorry for the events.

The former Olympic athlete was involved in a car crash during the weekend. Shortly after, he blamed the paparazzi, saying that they were chasing him shortly before he was involved in the wreck. However, the police say that there is no evidence of this, meaning they are looking into other reasons for the accident occurring.

At the moment, the authorities have not determined who was at fault at the time of the crash on Saturday. Jenner reportedly went into the back of a car, and was the third vehicle in a multiple rear-end collision. The second vehicle was a Lexus sedan, and a Toyota Prius was at the front according to a report from CNN.

Jenner’s SUV had a trailer being towed caused the Lexus to spin out of control. It drove into oncoming traffic, when it hit a Hummer H2. The crash caused one fatality—the driver of the Lexus. Officials have not revealed details about the deceased, but Alan Nierob, a publicist, has said that the 65-year-old reality show star was not injured.

Jenner has discussed the ‘devastating’ car accident, saying that he cannot imagine the pain the family of the Lexus driver is going through. He offers his deepest sympathies for all injured or involved in the accident. While he cooperates with the police, he says he is also praying for the families and individuals involved.

He originally claimed that paparazzi were following him at the time of the collision. Lt. John Lecrivain, from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says that this often happens. However, there is no evidence of it contributing to the crash at this time. The investigation is ongoing. At the moment, the 65-year-old’s cell phone records are being looked into to see if there is any indication there as to the reason behind the accident.

Jenner has been in the media a lot recently, due to the speculation that he is transition from male to female. He may be used to being in front of the camera due to his involvement in the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but he has been very quiet about this personal matter. There were talks of him getting his own reality TV show to discuss his sex change, but these are just rumors at the moment.

Despite his involvement in the reality TV show, the Olympic athlete found fame in 1976. He took gold at the games for the decathlon. He has been married three times, and has six children in total: Brody, Burt, Brandon, Casey, Kendall and Kylie. While his family has not spoken about the crash, it is assumed they support him as they have stated they have with his sex change. Jenner has not explained much about the crash, but has discussed his feelings over the ‘devastating’ car accident.

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