California Facing Difficulty With Gas and Water

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California is facing difficulty with gas prices and water supply. Prices for gasoline are rising higher for Californians due to a recent and severe accident at an Exxon Mobil refinery located in Torrance. In fact, prices could have risen by as much as around 25 cents just within one week. ABC News reported gas prices may have gone from just under three dollars to now around $3.25.

A recent and severe explosion occurring at a refinery in Torrance, California sent a jolt to neighborhoods nearby which reportedly was equivalent to a 1.7 magnitude earthquake, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Exxon Mobil website stated the material that exploded involved a catalyst containing an amorphous silica substance, as well as metal oxides. The material should not be hazardous to humans or animals, but may cause some irritation to eyes, throat, and possibly the skin. Any ash from the explosion found in neighborhoods on cars or windows should be washed away with plain water and soap.

California appears to also use a special blend of gasoline unique to only the state, according to ABC News. State regulators require a special mix for environmental reasons. This can cause delays when trying to meet demand affected by such interruptions as the unfortunate incident at Exxon, as well as a possible labor strike which occurred at another refinery located in Northern California.

Although the two refineries only account for about 17 percent of supply, it is straining the cost of gas for Californians. San Jose Mercury News stated drivers may still continue to see hikes in gas prices within the next few days. This comes after gas prices had dropped tremendously nationwide, possibly saving households around $700 a year.

California is not only facing difficulty with gas supply, but water supply too. According to a separate report by ABC News, the federal government will not send any reservoir water to the Central Valley area of the golden state – despite persistent drought conditions.

Although some farmers located in the Central Valley are exempt from such cuts and are also relying on the State for assistance in water supply, the amount and long-term solutions appear bleak. After already struggling for water resources last year, many farmers are concerned about maintaining their farms, or simply leaving their fields empty.

Although some farmers are looking at nearby groundwater wells as a solution, most agree the supply is quickly becoming depleted, while the snowpack that California relies on primarily for its water source is only a fifth of its normal levels, according to ABC News. This means farmers may only receive 15 percent of their requests of water from the State.

California is facing difficulty with gas and water, and if conditions continue as they are, residents may see large increases in prices, particularly in fruits and vegetables produced by California farmers. Not only has California been experiencing severe drought conditions, but Guardian Liberty Voice discovered wastewater contamination has also been a problem involving underground freshwater aquifers.

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By Liz Pimentel


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