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Hillary Rodham Clinton has a following of supporters encouraging her to run for the presidency in 2016. The slogan, Ready for Hillary,” created in 2013 by some grassroots supporters, is drawing attention at fundraising receptions. Although she has not given a definitive answer when she will announce her candidacy, it has been reported that the final planning stages are in progress.

Hillary Clinton, for 2016, still has some of the same loyal aids from the last presidential race campaign. Further, creating an exploratory committee for fundraising purposes and looking at her image is an important step for her.  With over 25 years in the national spotlight, she is known in so many other roles. Therefore, creating a fresh image is on the table.

As Clinton is making selections of key activities and campaign team members, she is being very cautious and methodical as she utilizes a “big-tent mentality.” As she remembers past mistakes, in 2000, The Washington Post repeated comments that referred to her as an unprofessional amateur, and during the 2008 campaign, Clinton was called “cheesy.” Politico stated that she has been attacked on all sides being called a lesbian, real estate fraud, and a Communist among other names.

Consumer marketing specialists, top party strategists, and branding wizards have joined the Clinton camp to serve in advisory roles. They are tasked to change her image as she moved from a first lady, U.S. senator, unsuccessful presidential candidate, secretary of state, to a possible winning 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. One important person Hillary Clinton is looking for to add to the team is a communications director.

Hillary Clinton is described as bright, disciplined, attractive, and one who has a good sense of humor. A convincing go-getter image was evident as she survived the Monica Lewinsky scandal. As the secretary of state, Clinton traveled to more countries than her predecessors and publicized her views on empowerment for women and human rights issues.

Challenges to Clinton may include questionable campaign donors, dealing with the media, and her support on women in the workforce. When she was a U.S. senator, she paid women 72 cents to the dollar paid to men. The salaries of women, $15, 708.38 was less than the median salary for men.

Although the election is not soon, Hillary Rodham Clinton is considered the third most liberal among any of the Democratic presidential potential nominees. The landscape for the presidency has a lot of Republicans considering entering the race.

Over the past month, four polls were taken. The results found that a Republican candidate for president in 2016 was preferred rather than a Democrat. Other party lines, such as Independent or Tea Party Favorite were not discussed. The average results  in the survey indicated a 39.2 percent to a 36.7 percent. This poll was taken among registered voters, but it does not necessarily mean those surveyed will vote.

If Hillary Clinton decides not to run for office of the president of the United States in 2016, this could cause a disaster within the Democratic party. Some critics people are saying that the party will lose its opportunity to hold on to the White House.

By Marie A. Wakefield


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