Condom Stock Rises After Adultery Ban Lifted


Stock prices for condoms have already started to rise after an adultery ban was lifted in South Korea. On Thursday, the Constitutional Court of South Korea struck down a ban that for over 60 years has made extra-marital affairs not only a crime, but an offense that could see a person in jail for a maximum of two years. The ruling indicated that this particular law would no longer be enforced because the country is looking to show that there is more of an emphasis on individual rights.

Another reason that the courts removed the ban on adultery was that they felt that the law was no longer doing what it was intended to and was not actually preventing extra-marital affairs. Instead, the courts made the decision that it was up to the free will of the people and also their love for each other, to make a marriage work and last. The court felt that it was up to the individuals to find a way to maintain their marriage, rather than having an external entity in the form of a criminal code do that for them.

Once the judgement to lift the adultery ban was handed down by the courts, stock prices for a company called Unidus Corp., which makes latex products and in particular condoms, started to rise. The company is known for their controlled manufacturing and their ability to produce the highest quality of latex condoms commercially. Unidus Corp. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of condoms and following the ruling, share prices rose by 15 percent on the local stock exchange. That increase is the maximum increase allowed per day.

Not only is the company one of the leading manufacturers for condoms in Korea, but it is also one of the major suppliers of condoms to various United Nations Organizations. Some of the organizations that are supplied with condoms from Unidus include the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as well as Population Services International (PSI). These organizations typically offer condoms in developing countries, as well as those in need to help prevent the spread of diseases.

Much of the discussion around the adultery ban being struck down, revolved around the idea that it infringed on a person’s ability to make their own decision in their private life. While the original law was put into effect as a way to give women protection in a time when they had very little recourse against their husbands if they cheated, the law has since become a tool that people use against each other. Although there was some debate over the ruling, with some calling the ban being lifted deplorable, still others were happy with the idea that they would have a freedom of choice.

Following the ruling many market analysts watched as share prices rose for condoms and they immediately linked the two events together. The analysts seemed to believe that investors acted on the stocks because of a belief that the ruling would lead to an increase in affairs and therefore increase the need for condoms. The condom stocks were not the only ones to rise after the adultery ban was lifted. In fact another company, Hyundai Pharmaceutical, which offers morning-after birth control, also saw a rise in stock prices.

By Kimberley Spinney

New York Times

The Telegraph


Photo by robertelyov – Flickr License

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