Game of Thrones Lena Headey Confirms Second Pregnancy

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey has confirmed her second pregnancy. The baby is expected this summer, and she showed off her growing baby bump while out with friends on Saturday.

The actress is best known for her role as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. Many have wondered about how far into books four and five the fifth season of the show with go, with many wondering whether the death scene for the character will be shown this season. The pregnancy would not mean yes or no, but there are suggestions that her role on the show is coming to an end. While the producers could hide the baby bump, as many other TV show producers have done, it would be much easier for all if she was not filming.

Headey has not announced the name of her baby’s father. She has also not shared whether she is having a girl or boy. Her first child, a son, is with ex-husband Peter Loughran. They divorced in 2013, and Wylie will turn five in March. She has not been rumored to be with anyone recently, making the topic of the baby’s father more exciting for many fans. She was previously linked with co-star Pedro Pascal, but they have never confirmed their relationship.

Game of Thrones star Headey confirmed her second pregnancy with a statement, shortly before being spotted on Saturday. She said that she was excited about it, but wished for privacy. That privacy has been lost over the last few years due to her rising stardom, but she asks photographers to respect her wishes right now.

Headey has had an extensive acting career over the years. During the 1990s, she had a number of small supporting roles in movies, after being spotted at the age of 17. It was only after 2005 that she started getting larger roles, one of those opposite Gerard Butler in 300 in 2006. She is also known for her roles in The Brothers Grimm and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, where she played the lead role.

Her performances in those helped her land the role of the hated Queen Cersei in Game of Thrones. That role led to her first Emmy nomination in July last year. She will return to screens on April 12 when the show returns for its fifth season.

Headey was pregnant for much of the filming of the first season of Game of Thrones. The producers covered it up, and there are certainly clips where she is visibly pregnant, but nothing is mentioned about her character’s weight gain. Her dresses were designed with larger sleeves so that when she lifted her arms, her belly would be covered. Shawls were also used, which is something that many producers and costume designers have done in the past for other pregnant actresses when they could not write the pregnancy into the show.

The actress was spotted with a friend at the weekend. There seems to be no man on the scene, but the Game of Thrones actress, Headey, is certainly expecting her second child after confirming it at the weekend.

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