Georgia Shooting Leaves Five Dead

GeorgiaA shooting in Georgia has left five people dead. The gunman killed at least four victims before turning the gun on himself in a Douglasville subdivision near Atlanta, Georgia. According to authorities, at least one of the deceased victims was a child. Glenn Daniel, a Douglas County, Georgia sheriff’s Lieutenant said that an emergency 911 call at around 3 p.m. When deputies arrived on the scene, they discovered several victims shot inside and outside the residence, he added that all together a total of seven people were wounded. Five of those people died.

It appeared to be a domestic situation and according to Daniel, the shooter, an adult male, apparently shot himself. The man came to the house and shot his ex-wife and his children. Daniel said that the youngest victim was seven years old and at least one of the deceased was a child. Two of the shooting survivors were adolescents and according Daniel, were being treated at a nearby hospital.

The shooter’s name was not released and he seemed to have deliberately targeted his own family, his ex-wife and his children, who tried to get away. Officials did not release the victim’s ages and names were not immediately available and next of kin notification was still pending.

A neighbor, Andrews Ansah told a television reporter that youngest kids involved in the Georgia shooting that left five dead at the residence were seven and eight and they played with his own kids. The young boy and girl had been over to his house the day before the shooting, said Ansah and his girl and boy were the same ages as the victims. Although Ansah further added that it was a tough situation and really did not make any sense.

It was not certain when the pair divorced or whether police had been called on prior occasions. Daniel noted that in his 20 year in law enforcement, this was the worst crime scene he had ever seen. He also said that neighbors must have seen or heard the shooting and attempted to help the victims until first help arrived. Some victims seemed to have been shot outside the residence, while others were shot inside the home .Detectives acquired a search warrant to go into the house, encircled by crime scene tape, Saturday to allow them to examine and take crime scene evidence.

Another neighbor, Teresa Carter said that she had heard shots, but was not able to see what happened. She added that she would sometimes see the children playing in the neighborhood and the driveway and that, they liked to pet her dog. She stated that she heard a girl scream after she heard shots. After that she heard four additional shots.

Brandon Hallman also heard the shooting in Georgia that left five people dead. He was working on his car, a few houses down when the shooting occurred, .he said that he heard several shots in quick succession, back to back . He then grabbed up some towels and made it down there to see if he could render aid before first responders arrived.

By Gerald Sowell

Photo By Tex Texin – Flickr License

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