Google and Mattel

GoogleGoogle and Mattel becoming partners sounds very promising, as toys from the 20th century can be resurrected and overhauled to create a new experience. The thought of bringing back the view master in a new form is a great idea for Google and Mattel. There are a lot of electronic toys, but the view master could be added as another entertaining and educational tool for children and adults.

The original view master was developed in 1939. At that time, this toy was like going on a trip away from home or to the movies. This toy item followed the discovery of Kodachrome color film. Over the years, approximately one million in sales soared for the view master and 1.5 million for the view master disks.

Pictures were stationary and a small plastic card that was circular in shape was inserted into a slit at the top of the device. Each click revealed something related to the viewer’s subject choice. The makers of the toy back in the early 20th century developed something that gave focus to “what you see is what you get.”

This recreated Google and Mattel toy is being developed to work with many of the smart phones, and is scheduled to be available by the fall of 2015. An age range of seven years old and above is on the table for consideration. Google is creating a digital experience for a very low price. Oh! The places to travel and the people to meet!

Google and Mattel have added features that will take the visual perception of any chosen field of interest to another level. An added feature for the Google and Mattel view master is seeing everything in 3-D. Instead of using a lever to slide the picture as was expected from the old version of view master, the new view master is operated by placing it in front of the face  and moving a switch in all directions to really capture the essence of what is being viewed.

Google’s idea of moving the view by allowing the viewer to go in all directions  means the it is now showing a view at  360 degrees, a panorama view. A virtual reality version and utilizing the phone device is called Google Cardboard. This Google Cardboard was introduced in 2014. It was designed to show how a phone could become a Virtual Reality headset.  It is as simple as the downloading of an app, connecting the phone with the view master, and making selections of interest virtually appear at one’s touch of the fingertips.

Another feature that will add great interest and surprise in using the view  master is making the Virtual Reality of the experience come to life. By using headsets, the sound will become an inescapable presence.

The beauty of this recreated toy by Google and Mattel is that the experience can be as though the viewer is traveling through space to participate or virtually be in the room where the action is taking place, creating an even greater reality in the comfort of any chosen location. Google and Mattel are on the same technology page. This innovative technology  provides a venue for everyone to explore new territories.

By Marie A. Wakefield

ABC News



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