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What does it mean to marry the sacred with the profane? One woman, cleverly disguised inside New Thought churches and quiet coffee shops up until now knows. This singer/songwriter has a message that the whole world is aching to hear, and that message is about love. This is no storybook kind of love, this is the real love that breaks the heart and “heals” it “with thick rope-like scars” reaching one to the top of the mountain from which to see the rest of one’s life from. With her new album Broken Open, watch out Grammys, Amy Steinberg promises to change the way people sing about heartache, romance and love.

 “It’s when I’m broken open, that’s when the light comes through.”

Amy Steinberg is breaking out with her new album Broken Open, poised to hit the shelves and the download queues this month following not far behind the famous Grammys. For those who have never felt the real rooty nature of humor and sexuality entangled with a natural dream-like wonder of spirit, one must look no further than this amazing sister goddess, ready to preach the good word of love with chords to re-tune one’s perspectives of the heart.

Every dark night leads to a new morning light”

GrammysStep to the beat of Steinberg’s mastery on piano, guitar and vocals as she swings listeners through an array of jazz, hip-hop, rock n’ roll, and rap-like ditties, all with the flare owed to the most moving theatrical performance.

Inspired by heartache, new love and the depth of romance souped up by Divine intervention at its greatest peak of starlit wonderment, Broken Open speaks to the places in humankind that feel beyond the scope of fairy tales and Hollywood romance. This album is the real deal calling listener to feel validated in every matter of the heart, while encouraging one to step into ownership where feelings, healings and the greatest victories of love are concerned.

Take me down to the truth in me, take me down to my deepest honesty.”

Amy wants the entire world to get the message she is singing through this album. Her message is the kind to rock musical events such as the Grammys, with the awareness that no matter the journey one is taking, or how deeply spiritual one may become, everyone shares in the depths of the heart, everyone hurts and wonders how to heal. This album is a shout-out to the strength of the human heart and the power inherent in the ability to love, lose, overcome, and love deeply again.

This freedom I am feeling, it can’t be found when I’m looking down.”Grammys

The successes in the journey of the heart are only known by the seeming failures to connect, the losses and the ways in which all people feel suffering at one time or another. But the greatest discovery one can ever have, according to Steinberg’s Broken Open, is to know that they are “One with Everything” and to derive the courage and ability to love again and love majestically through surrendering to the truth within and “let this love heal me.”

The future Grammys better watch out for Amy Steinberg’s album Broken Open, coming February 2015, it’s here to change the way people sing about love. She is the next powerful voice in conscious, poetic dance music that is sure to transform the listener, one lyrical heartbeat at a time.

As readers are grabbing popcorn for the Grammys, they might just want to hit the mute button and get down to this incredible song from her upcoming album:

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Who agrees Amy Steinberg could be well on her way to the Grammys?

By Stasia Bliss

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