‘Helix’ Oubliette [Recap/Review]


Helix this Friday continued the quest of the CDC scientists of finding a cure for the deadly virus that has invaded the mysterious island of St. Germain. After Peter revealed his brother, Alan’s, secret that he has gone undercover as a Brother and fellow cult member on the island, he and Alan get put into danger. Also, Dr. Kyle Sommers is asked to quarantine the orchard and the infected beehive he discovered, but he finds out that is easier said than done. The cult leader, Brother Michael, began to show his true colors.


Helix began with a scene from 3 months ago, in Washington, D.C. A handler from an unnamed agency discussed with Kyle what to do about Alan Farragut. She enlisted him to collect intel on Alan. The nature of the agency and what sort of agent Kyle is was not mentioned. Is he Interpol? CIA? Ilaria?

In the present, Dr. Kyle Sommer comes across Sarah and tries to help her. The old lady who might be Sister Amy or Anne’s mom, Sister Agnes, told Kyle she will help take care of Sarah.

On Helix 30 years later, Dr. Julia Walker comes to after her fight with her father, Hitake, resulted in his death. The man who she first encountered on the island, Caleb, helped her up and they went off together.

Other things that happened in the future in this episode of Helix included Caleb sewing up Julia’s wounds. She told him she fought the “man who talked to ghosts.”

“It was personal. He was my father,” Julia told him.

“You killed your father?”

“We had issues,” she said.

Caleb told Julia about having been brought to the island by his mother. Julia told him “I’m trying to save the other Immortals before it’s too late.”

“Maybe it only took a little bit of mortality to make you human again,” he replied.

Later on, when Jules was asleep again, Caleb felt her forehead and she woke up, startled. “You’re as healthy now as the day you landed,” he said.

He asked her about the sword, and she told him that her father had called it “his legacy.”

“Do you know what it says?” he asked her. She admitted that she did not know Japanese, which was probably a mistake she made. Caleb split with the sword while Jules was asleep, yet again, on Helix.

In the present, Peter talked with Brother Michael and told him that one of his followers might be behind giving the cult members the infected honey. Peter ratted on his brother, blaming him for the virus. Peter told Michael “Jerome and I have a history. He’s my brother. Keep him away from the rest of your people. Until you do, nobody here is safe.”

Brother Michael told him “Thank you, Peter. You’ve done me a great service. Now, I owe you.”

Michael apparently meant he would toss him and Alan down into a pit. Landry put a bag over Alan’s head and took him to a pit in the ground, or oubliette.

Brother Michael showed up and spoke to Alan, who was down in the pit of the oubliette. “The place literally means ‘to forget,'” he said.


Alan saw that Peter had also been thrown into the cell. Brother Michael said “It’s fairly obvious that you two have your issues. Maybe you’ll solve them. Maybe you’ll kill each other.” Then, Helix went to a commercial break.

Peter told Alan “You were the last chip I had to bargain with.”

Alan said “Every time something bad happens, you turned up.”

The two brothers argued and then Peter felt that Alan was “threatening” him and said “It’s easy to threaten someone when you’re tied up.”

Alan untied him, and said “Now say something.” The argument got fierce and led to them fighting.

Brother Michael told two of the Sisters that “There’s a contaminated beehive where no hive should be.”

“Sometimes nature finds a way,” one of the Sisters said.

Brother Michael showed them some sap that is called “The Suicide Train.” He told them “One drop and death is instantaneous. “

He forced a drop of the substance into Sister Anne’s mouth, then saying “I grafted the poison out of it. On this island, Nature does what I tell it to do.”


Sarah woke up in a hospital bed. Sister Agnes asked her how she was doing, saying “I’ve never seen anyone heal so quickly.”

“Is there any permanent damage?” Sarah asked, rubbing her pregnant stomach.

“You will have a pretty good scar, but you heal remarkably.”

In the oubliette, Peter and Alan talked and tried to reconcile their differences. Peter told him Michael put them down there to see if they would beat each other to death. Alan said that he thought Michael put them down there to see if they could find a way out. Peter told him “We’re family,” and they would help each other get out of the oubliette. Alan did not trust him to get boosted up first, so Peter said he would boost Alan up first, then.

Back in the Infirmary, Sister Agnes told Sarah “Children are the only thing that lasts. Nothing else matters. It’s through our children that we live forever.”

“There’s more to life than living forever,” Sarah told her.

Brother Landry and others then tried to fumigate or smoke out the bees. Sister Amy felt on Kyle’s stomach, but he told her to stop. She said “You want to play rough? I can play rough, too.”

Brother Landry did not like what he saw. He reached into the hive and glopped out handfuls of the honey and put them into a bucket.


In the Infirmary, Sister Agnes used something to render Sarah unconscious, then took out one of Sarah’s contacts to reveal that her eyes are now silver-colored.

“No, it can’t be,” she exclaimed, as Helix cut to another commercial break. After the break on Helix, Sister Agnes told Sister Amy that Sarah was “a silver-eye.”

At the oubliette, Alan stood on Peter’s shoulders and managed to unfasten the grate at the top of the pit and climbed out. Peter waited for Alan to pull him out. “You know you’re the only reason I’m in this mess.”

When Alan asked him “How long have you been working for Ilaria?” Peter said “That’s ridiculous.”

Alan told Peter “You dug this hole yourself. This is where you belong.” Alan slammed the grate shut, leaving Peter there.

Back in the lab, Dr. Sommers burned his hand on a Bunsen burner. Alan showed up and asked him if he had seen Dr. Jordan. He said no. Dr. Sommers asked Alan about “Paris.” Alan asked him “Who do you work for? You work for Ilaria, don’t you?” Kyle did not answer him.

Somehow, Sommers managed to handcuff Alan to a bedpost. “You’re making a huge mistake, Dr. Sommers,” Alan told him, as Helix went to another commercial break.


After the break on Helix, Brother Michael spoke with Sister Agnes. “I failed my people,” he said. Sister Agnes then told Michael about Sarah.

“I’d say she was just like you,” the lady said. “You lied to us,” she said. “You said that you were the only one with silver eyes. Please, tell me the truth. Are you the only immortal? Could you have made me like you? Are there others?”

“Agnes, I’ve loved you more than anyone else on the wall. Of all my daughters, you’ve always been my favorite,” Brother Michael replied. “This lack of trust is like a virus. We’ll lose everything we worked for the last 500 years.”

“I just want to be with you forever,” she said.

“I know,” he told her. He then twisted her head and snapped her neck. He head lolled over and rested on his shoulders, as Helix concluded.

Oubliette was another very cool but very messed-up episode of Helix.  It was revealed that Dr. Kyle Sommers is not who he has said that he is, and he was sent to keep tabs on Alan. Also, Brother Michael was revealed to be not just any run-of-the-mill cult leader whacko, but one who is also an Immortal, and whose children are some of the other cult members. Be sure to tune in next week to watch another episode of Helix!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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