Ibiza Still Top Travel Destination



When one thinks of sun drenched beaches, beautiful villas, the hottest nightclubs, and the coolest celebrities, one can’t help but think of Ibiza. The island spot has long been a popular vacation destination, and there really is no question why. When looking for a summer getaway, Ibiza can not be beat.

Ibiza has a long history. Found just 49 miles off the coast of Spain, right near Valencia, the island’s first settlements came centuries before the birth of Christ. It was a fishing community, and the influence of this is still felt in the delicious seafood cuisine found on the island. The tiny island’s location in the Mediterranean and proximity in Spain left it a target in many conflicts over the years, but ownership was eventually claimed by Spain. While Spain owns the tiny isle now, it is a part of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, meaning that it governs itself. Now, the island in the Mediterranean is a popular tourist destination, with visitors from all over the world flocking to its beaches in the summer months.

The island’s music scene has been a reason to visit its sun drenched shores for a long time now. Many of the world’s most famous DJs and bands play at the many event’s that happen throughout the summer. One of the more popular venues, the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, hosts concerts all summer long, and is a top destination for party goers everywhere. This summer, the hotel is having a big concern every Wednesday night. The acts have yet to be announced, but ticket packages are already available. The town of Dalt Vila is playing hos to the International Music Festival’s Thursday and Friday parties. Among the acts appearing there are Pete Tong and Kidnap Kid.

Partying and music aren’t the only reason to travel to the picturesque island, or even the above Dalt Vila. The island has different locations that have been named as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage sites, and Dalt Vila. There are many historical sites to see around the island, and Dalt Vila has some of the best. There is an archaeological museum, and history tours visitors can take, learning Ibiza’s history, from its time under Moorish rule to Medieval times. Along with the historical sites, Dalt Vila also has modern art as well. The city’s jazz festival happens on the old battlements of the town, and there is also the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Staying in Ibiza is also a treat. Villas in Ibiza Town, one of the more popular destinations on the island, will run only a couple hundred dollars a night. The town is known for its classic Mediterranean style, but the houses can also range to the extreme. The Casa Libelai is a Cubists dream, with a layout of cubes and an open living space to take advantage of the island’s perfect climate. Ibiza is a popular vacation spot because it is so affordable, and the public has noticed, with travel bookings up 46 percent in 2014. This summer is sure to be another success for the island paradise, with great music, great food, and great beaches.

By Bryan Levy

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