Indianapolis Girl Shot on Way to Pick Up Her Girl Scout Cookies to Sell

Girl Scout Cookies

An Indianapolis Girl Scout on her way to her weekly meeting was shot on Tuesday afternoon just a few steps from her home. The 9-year-old, who was going to pick up the Girl Scout cookies she planned to sell door-to-door, is now being honored with her own cookie drive online. The sales she is making will go towards helping her troop of approximately 15 Girl Scouts take a trip.

Sinai Miller was excited to pick up her boxes of Girl Scout cookies on Tuesday afternoon, but her plans came to an end as gunfire erupted at approximately 4:00 p.m. while she stood outside of her home. Sinai’s mother, Shanita Miller, pushed two other daughters further inside the apartment upon hearing the shots. As her eldest daughter ran inside, Shanita, 29, discovered Sinai was bleeding profusely from her left calf.

The injured girl was treated for her gunshot wound at an Indianapolis hospital and sent home to recover. Miller says that her daughter is in pain, has been traumatized and is heartbroken over not being able to sell the Girl Scout cookies door-to-door. Miller spoke to CBS News on Thursday, saying that Sinai had been so excited to sell the cookies that she arose early on Tuesday. This is the second consecutive year that Sinai has been unable to carry out her plan to sell the cookies.

Sinai may be unable to go door-to-door to sell her Girl Scout cookies, but her sales are brisk. Her aunt has pledged to purchase 20 boxes. Her elementary school teacher promised to buy cookies as well. In addition, the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana have set up an online cookie sale called “Cookies for Sinai.” According to spokeswoman Deana Potterf, sales online have been steady and significant, and by Thursday night, over 2,000 boxes of cookies had been sold for Sinai.

Indianapolis police are investigating the Tuesday shooting, but have identified no suspects and have had nothing to report since Tuesday, said Sgt. Kendale Adams. The police report suggests the shots could have come from an SUV and traveled in the direction of both Sinai and her sister Erica, 8, as they waited on the front porch for their mother to finish helping another daughter get dressed, in preparation for the trip to pick up the Girl Scout cookies.

Miller’s boyfriend, Mark Chander, does not know why anyone would shoot at him or his family. The 31-year-old said that when Sinai returned from being treated at the hospital, she asked him, “Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong?” Chander says he was unable to explain why the girl had been shot because “she didn’t do anything wrong.” That night, Sinai was woken up frequently by common noises, such as when her sister got up to use the bathroom.

WTTV in Indianapolis reports that witnesses saw the shots come from a blue Ford Expedition and that they seemed to be directed toward some men who had been standing near the apartment building the Millers call home. One bullet struck Sinai’s leg and another struck the door of the apartment building.

Chander urges the people who shot Sinai to turn themselves in, saying they should feel guilty for hitting “an innocent child.” In the meantime, Chander is focusing on giving the girl all the love and affection he can to help her recover both physically and emotionally after she was shot in Indianapolis on her way to pick up the Girl Scout cookies she had pledged to sell.

By Jennifer Pfalz

CBS News
Washington Post
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Photo by brian – Flickr License

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