Jimmy Fallon and Gabrielle Union Play ‘Random Object Shootout’

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Tuesday, February 24, Fallon and actor Josh Duhamel from the upcoming TV series, Battlecreek, talked about his life and what Battlecreek will be about. Also, Jimmy Fallon invited his second guest of the Tonight Show, Gabrielle Union from the BET series Being Mary Jane, to play a game called Random Object Shootout. The musical guest of the evening was the legendary R&B singer, Charlie Wilson.

During his comedy monologue that opened the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon joked about topics straight from today’s news, like about the Oscars and Kim Kardashian tweeting that she had a piano lesson while the Oscars were on. He wondered where her piano instructor had sat.

Then, Jimmy Fallon mentioned that some of the people who had enrolled for Obamacare had gotten sent the wrong tax forms by the government. He said that they might have to refile their taxes and have to remember everything that they lied about the first time around.

Jimmy Fallon joked about Disneyland raising the price of a single day ticket to $105. He said that Disney Cruise Lines had been voted the Best Cruise Lines the third year in a row, and he compared it to Carnival Cruise Lines.

After that, Jimmy Fallon said that a couple of people from the Tonight Show‘s house band, The Roots, would read from a transcript of last night’s episode of The Bachelor. One of the lines that bandleader Questlove said was “I am a virgin.” He was playing a bachelorette who confessed that she was a virgin to this season’s “Bachelor.” Another band member, playing the “Bachelor,” replied “I think that says a lot about who you are.”

Jimmy Fallon ended his monologue by joking about a man in California who had led the police on a two-hour-long car chase. When he finally stopped, smoke billowed out of his car. He had been getting high. Two TV announcers were talking about it in a clip Jimmy Fallon showed, and one said “It’s called ‘Hot Boxing.'”

When the Tonight Show came back from the commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the show, actor Josh Duhamel from the upcoming series, BattleCreek. He told Jimmy that he now had a child, a son. “He loves trucks, and belly buttons. We’re teaching him to be potty trained.”

“Is your child advanced?” Jimmy Fallon asked.

“He knows what to do,” Josh said, “because he sees me pee.” He said “I think he knows what to do, but he just doesn’t have any control yet.” Josh is married to the singer, Fergie. Jimmy Fallon asked him if she ever sang to their son. Josh said “Yes, but when I try to take over from her if she goes anywhere, I get a dead stare.”

Jimmy Fallon then asked him about playing in a golf tournament. He chatted with Fallon about it, and how the celebs were allowed to “go wild,” on the 15th hole and yell and do crazy things. Josh said that Bill Murray and Clint Eastwood also golfed at the tournament. He told Clint he loved American Sniper, and Clint just said “Yeah. Thanks.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon asked him about Battlecreek. It was written by Vince Gilligan, of Breaking Bad fame, and David Shore. Josh said “I play an FBI guy who comes in and tries to help the police out.” The show is set in Battlecreek, Michigan, the “Cereal Capital of the World.” Fallon said “Battlecreek premieres this Sunday.”

Jimmy Fallon

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced Gabrielle Union, from the hit BET series, Being Mary Jane. She and Jimmy Fallon talked about doing Karoake and “Being Karoake fiends.” She said she was at a place that had a live band, and she got her husband, Dwyane Wade, to go onstage and sing. However, he was not prepared for the moment, and had no “go-to song.”

“Do you have any go-to songs?” he asked her.

“I have many — pick your genre.” she said.

Jimmy Fallon said “Country.” Then, Gabrielle began singing the Dolly Parton song, 9 to 5. Fallon asked her about other genres, and she sang another song. She told Fallon that she used to “have a professional Taboo league that played for high stakes.”

Jimmy Fallon

Then, Jimmy Fallon challenged her to a game called Random Object Shootout. He told Gabrielle that her husband beat him the last time he played, and said “You’re going down!” Then, the Tonight Show headed to another commercial break.

After the break, Jimmy Fallon explained the rules of the game, and he and Gabrielle played Random Object Shootout. Josh was also there. They shot Dwyane Wade sneakers filled with Twizzlers, bowls of salad, turkey sandwiches, and other odd objects. Josh was there to be a designated shooter but only for one shot, if either person needed him.

Gabrielle went first with the sneaker and missed. Jimmy Fallon tried, and also missed. Fallon then called “J.D.” to come and help, but Josh also missed a shot. Gabrielle called “J.D.” to throw a bowl of salad for her, and he made it into the basket. Fallon tried to throw his salad and did not make a basket. They both kept missing.

Finally, Jimmy Fallon got another basket. He said “If you miss this and I make it, then I win!” Gabrielle did miss her shot, but so did Fallon. He declared Gabrielle to be the winner of the game, and said that musical guest Charlie Wilson would be singing next after more commercials.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned from the commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest of the Tonight Show, musical R&B artist Charlie Wilson. Wilson sang Touched By an Angel from his album Forever Charlie. Charlie Wilson proved that he still has one of the best singing voices around, and he held the audience in the palms of his hands as he sang. The audience applauded wildly as he finished the song.

Then, when the Tonight Show briefly returned for Fallon to thank his guests, Charlie Wilson sang about “Jimmy” as Fallon shook hands with audience members. The Roots were his band and they really got into Wilson’s performance.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Tuesday, February 24, 2015 brought out Fallon’s competitive edge as he played Random Object Shootout with actress Gabrielle Union. However, she still managed to beat him, just like her husband, Dwyane Wade, had in a past episode of the Tonight Show. Fallon’s first guest was Battlecreek actor Josh Duhamel. He was entertaining, and talked with Jimmy Fallon about his family and the upcoming TV series he will be starring in, in which he plays an FBI agent, Battlecreek. Then, to make the show even more special, the legendary R&B singer Charlie Wilson closed out the episode by singing Touched By an Angel.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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