Jimmy Fallon on the Road With Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Young [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Tuesday saw the show still on the road in Los Angeles, where Fallon welcomed his guests, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and iconic singer, Neil Young. Also, Jimmy Fallon played Password with Ellen later in the episode, and they were joined by two actors who have been nominated for Oscars this year, Reese Witherspoon, from the movie Wild, and Steve Carell, for his brilliant acting playing John du Pont in Foxcatcher.

Jimmy Fallon got a standing ovation as he walked onto the stage. Then, he began the Tonight Show by doing his nightly monologue, cracking jokes about people and events in the news. Fallon made jokes about President Obama “refusing to take sides” between Hillary Clinton and Biden, saying he “loved them both.”

Fallon sent out someone from his staff to ask parents questions about musicians and music of today. The parents did not get any of the questions correct, until one dad sang parts of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. The children of the parents looked absolutely mortified as their parents displayed their lack of knowledge about current singers.

Then, Jimmy Fallon joked about Charles Manson’s marriage certificate expiring on Thursday. Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins pretended that they were phoning each other up and gossiping about how terrible it was that “Charlie” was going to be illegally married.

Doc Severinsen from the Tonight Show days with Johnny Carson sat in with The Roots, and showed he was as great as ever playing the trumpet. Fallon showed a couple of photos of Doc when he was younger, one with Carson. Doc will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl later this year, and touring elsewhere.

Jimmy Fallon then announced some of the guests that will be on the show the rest of the week like Will Smith. After that, he said that tonight’s guests would be Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Young, and he said he would be playing Password with Ellen and a couple of guests.

Then, Fallon looked at the Pros & Cons of Doing the Tonight Show in Los Angeles. Some of the Pros & Cons he mentioned were “Pro: Our studio is only two blocks from our hotel. Con: So, only about a 40-minute drive. Pro: Visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum. Con: Realizing that you just spent the afternoon at Hugh Hefner’s house. Pro: I love L.A. Con: But, does L.A. love me back?” In response, the audience loudly cheered and applauded, as the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.  Jimmy Fallon

Back from break, Neil Young was introduced and — it was actually Jimmy Fallon, dressed up like Neil Young, complete with long hair and a cowboy hat. He sat on a stool, played the guitar, and sang Old Man. He even played the harmonica.

Then, the actual Neil Young came out and sat on a stool next to Fallon, and sang a few lines of the song as he played his own guitar. They did a duet together, their voices melding seamlessly. What an incredible performance! Neil will be out again later on to be interviewed and to sing.

Ellen DeGeneres was the first guest on the Tonight Show (not counting the brief appearance by Neil Young). Jimmy Fallon introduced Ellen, calling her “one of our very favorite people.” She came out wearing dark-colored jeans and danced as The Roots played. “How great was that just now! You and Neil Young! That song and The Needle and the Damage is Done, two of my favorite songs!” Ellen said.

Fallon mentioned he was on the Ellen Show last week, and Ellen “scared” him. She had hidden cameras there, though Fallon suspected something. Ellen told him that now, she will have to find a different way to surprise her guests, because Fallon mentioned the hidden cameras. He told her “I don’t like being scared.”

“It doesn’t matter if you like it; I like it,” Ellen said. The hidden camera trick did not work out to scare Jimmy Fallon, so a guy dressed up in a giant peacock outfit came up behind Fallon as he was talking with Ellen and scared him.

“We’re so grateful, aren’t we, that we get to play every day?” she asked Fallon, rhetorically. “The name of my show should be Free Stuff and Dancing,” she said. “People expect that from me wherever I go,” Ellen said, meaning giving away free stuff. Fallon handed her her purse, and Ellen said “What if I give you all a $100.00 Visa Gift Card?” Everyone in the audience will get one — how great is that!

Jimmy Fallon

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon and Ellen played Password with special guests, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon. Ellen got to play with Jimmy, while Reese and Steve played on the other team.

Steve Higgins explained the rules of the game. Each person giving clues would say one word as a clue, and the first team to get four correct would win. The first password was “Booty.” Ellen gave Fallon the clue, “Call.” Fallon got it correct, saying “Booty.”

Steve had to get Reese to guess “Soprano.” He said “Tony,” and Reese got it, saying “Soprano.” Reese then had to get Steve to say “Blush.” She gave the clue, “Make-up.” Steve said “Revlon,” then, changed it to “Cover Girl.” Ellen said “Rouge,” and Fallon said “Ellen DeGeneres?” Reese then gave the clue, “Cheek,” and Steve answered correctly, “Blush.”

Jimmy started next, with the word “Joint.” He said “Weed.” Ellen did not get it correct. Steve said “Spliff.” Reese answered “Snoop?” Jimmy then gave the clue “Rolled,” and Ellen answered “Joint,” so she and Jimmy Fallon were the winners of the game.

Jimmy Fallon

The second guest of the Tonight Show was singer, Neil Young. He has an invention called “PONO,” out that looks pretty cool. Jimmy Fallon said it would revolutionize the way people listen to and download music.

“This is the most that I’ve been on TV, ever,” Neil said. Fallon mentioned “There’s another person out there who does an impersonation of your guitar solo.” He then played a clip of Brandon Cooper doing the guitar solo, though Neil said it really was not him but a guitarist in his band who performed the solo.

Neil said “This is for people who really love music. Not everyone can tell the difference.” Fallon said he could tell the difference between music on the PONO and music on an iPad. Then, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned, Neil Young played his guitar with The Roots as his backing band. Neil performed Who’s Gonna Stand Up? from his latest album, Storytone. He gave a much louder, electrified performance than he did when he played with Jimmy Fallon. Young jammed out on the guitar and one line of the ecologically conscious song was “Who’s gonna stand up and save the Earth/It all starts with you and me.”

The audience applauded wildly as he finished the song, then Fallon thanked all of his guests and ran into the audience, giving people high fives. That was the end of another fantastic episode of the Tonight Show on the road in Los Angeles, with more to come tomorrow night.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Neil Young Singing Old Man

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