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Vice President Joe Biden visited Iowa on Thursday to attend government and business related events to discuss the policies of the Obama administration as well as to lend some advice for 2016. At Drake University in Des Moines, Biden addressed about 800 people. He spoke mostly about the accomplishments that were made by the Obama administration and he asked upcoming leaders not the undo “all of our hard work.”

Biden appearance in Iowa is notable. While Republicans have made important visits to Iowa recently, Democrats have not been as present. Hillary Clinton, the most likely Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential race, visited Iowa back in October 2014 to campaign for an Iowan candidate who was running for the U.S. Senate. Speculations are that she will return to Iowa if she decides to officially run for the presidency.

Biden too has been rumored to be considering presidency. As of now, he has not officially hinted at whether or not he will be running in the presidential election of 2016. However, according to political aides, he has not called together an exploratory committee for 2016. He also did not mention Clinton, or her possibility of running, in his talks.

During his stay in Iowa, Biden specifically criticized Speaker of the House John Boehner, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and other Republicans, including Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, for their criticisms of the 2009 $840 billion recovery plan for the U.S. economy. He reported a great deal of evidence for how this plan had worked.

Most of the vice president’s speech at Drake was centered on praising the Obama administration. Biden noted how the administration had made equitable changes in tax codes, and had managed the cost of health care. He also made known how the administration had pour more money into schools and stabilized banks.

Biden additionally declared: Job unemployment is down since 2009, the housing market is up, as is the stock market. Additionally, the deficit was cut incredibly, by nearly two-thirds. Then he said to Drake students: “Your generation is going to be hearing about insourcing.”

The 2016 campaign is key to America’s economic future, the vice president declared. The campaign might prove to be a fight between Democrat’s desire to help the middle class and the “top-down” policies of Republicans which would benefit wealthy Americans. He made it clear that he does not support the tax-cut policies and deregulation that is often posed by Republicans. While in Iowa, Biden made a point of saying that all Democratic candidates for the 2016 election should follow the path Obama has laid out for economic policy and that Democrats should not separate themselves from Obama.

As well as speaking at Drake University, Biden visited a community college in Des Moines and discussed higher education. Additionally, he went to Smokey Row Coffee and talked with educators as well as parents about how important it is that children receive early education.

Republicans in Iowa seems less interested in what the vice president actually said and instead were more interested in what his arrival in the state might have to say about Clinton. Cody Hoefert, who is the co-chairman the Iowa GOP, noted that Biden’s appearance only made it evident that Clinton has been absent for quite some time. Nevertheless, what Biden had to say when he spoke in Iowa was intended as encouragement for Democrats to stay economically aligned with Obama in 2016.

By Emilee Prado


Des Moines Register

Washington Times

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Photo by Beth Rankin – Flickr License

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