Kardashian, Jenner Story of the Day


Does a 24-hour period go by without some member of the Kardashian clan garnering headlines? Not a day goes by without some story – unusually trivial – appearing about one or more Kardashian or Jenner family members.

Today, the news is full of two stories about them, one of which was tragic. Hopefully, none of their “fans” will have trouble discerning which is tragic! The two main headline grabbers today were Bruce Jenner, 65, who survived a car crash that killed another person, and Kim Kardashian West, 34, who showed off her new bob haircut and Kanye at a pre-Grammy brunch. Oh yes, and she posed nude again.

Jenner’s situation warranted press coverage, and would have even without the broader family connection shining a spotlight. Fatal car crashes involved any public figure draw attention in Los Angeles.

In this situation, which was apparently a mid-day accident involving four cars on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Jenner was reportedly the unhurt driver in one of the vehicles. The former Olympic gold-medalist decathlete and former patriarch of the reality TV, publicity-seeking family, reportedly passed a field sobriety test and submitted a blood sample to demonstrate that he was not driving under the influence. Five people were hospitalized from the crash, but not Jenner.

Onto the more “important” Kardashian, Jenner story in the news of the day – Kim had her haircut into a long, shoulder length bob. Then, in true Kardashian and Jenner publicity-seeking mode, posted photographic evidence in her usual form – selfies showcasing the new ‘do – on social media. Clearly, she did not think going to a media-covered pre-Grammy event with her husband right afterwards would get her enough attention!

For the Grammy brunch, Kim channeled Cleopatra with thick gold cuff jewelry, an elaborate chocker necklace and heavy eye-makeup. Choosing to show off her waist (versus other body parts today), she wore a cropped top and matching full-length pleated skirt. (Her husband, Kanye West, went simple in a baggy t-shirt, skinny leather pants and white sneakers.

This was the day after she started sharing shots of herself lightly or barely dressed in a Prada photo shoot for Love magazine. Yes, it was a “fashion” shoot, complete with one shot where she is laying prone wearing nothing but Prada footwear (she amusingly captioned this one on social media, “Nothing Butt Prada.” In another, she is holding a garment next to her body while standing bare in kitten heels. In a few, she actually does have some garments on her body. Kim, Love magazine and Prada must really be disappointed that her latest fully nude provocatively posed photo shoot did not get the attention of the previous one. Perhaps, that shows she is “overexposed.”

Where were Kris, Kendall, Khloe and the other members of the family today? Enjoying a day off from their penchant for publicity? How long can this keep up? The family seems to keep hitting restart on their “15 minutes of fame” clock. And, just when people might have started getting tired of the older sisters, the younger olds, next generate and Bruce’s transformation to carry on the family attention-getting tradition. There will undoubtedly be a new Kardashian, Jenner family story of the day for several more 15-minute periods. Some of us can only stand back and wonder why.

Opinion by Dyanne Weiss

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