Lea Michele Takes Home Finn Hudson’s Glee Jersey

Lea Michele

Glee is coming to an end. On the set, it has come to a complete end and Lea Michele took home Finn Hudson’s jersey as her Glee souvenir. It is a very important piece from the set for Michele, who was not just the onscreen love interest for Finn but also the off-screen girlfriend of actor Cory Monteith. When he died in 2013, it was a very difficult time for her.

Michele shot the final scenes for the show this week. As a message to fans to say that it was over, she showed herself carrying the jersey her late boyfriend’s character wore during his time on the set. Monteith played Finn Hudson, the quarterback-turned-singer, for four seasons before his accidental overdose leading to his death.

The final day on the set of Glee was certainly emotional for the cast and crew. It was not just the memory of their lost actor, but also because they would all be going their separate ways. Many of the cast members have been there from the very beginning. Michele shared a tweet with the carnival-themed party they all threw afterwards as their last hoorah on the set.

In the tweet, she thanked everyone for making the team the one that it was. She was grateful, and loved every member, referring to them as “Gleeks.” Michele also said that she would miss her character Rachel Berry. With that, Michele took home Finn Hudson’s Glee jersey as her on-set souvenir.

Her character Rachel was not originally well liked by some fans. She was pushy, full of herself and rude at times. However, she had a heart and was just a teenager with a dream. Over the first season, the character grew on fans and the relationship between Rachel and Finn was one of the most shipped in the Glee universe.

Michele was certainly not the only person to take a souvenir from the set. Many actors and crew members took home props and costumes as their way to remember the time on the set. It is customary when a show comes to an end, since the props will no longer be needed by others. Michele did take home the largest, and one that probably meant the most to everyone.

The final episode of Glee airs on March 20. It promises fans that it will be emotional, and a worthy goodbye to the show that they have fallen in love with over the last six years. Many fans were upset to hear that the final season of Glee would be shorter than the rest, but Michele and other actors have made sure it will go out with a bang.

Michele finished filming on February 20, a whole month before the air date. Now is the time for the crew members to finish the editing process to get the episode ready to air. The good news is that fans will not have to wait too long to see their actors and actresses back on the small screen, as many already have new roles lined up. Michele has another role with Glee creator Ryan Murphy, but that did not stop her taking home Finn Hudson’s jersey on the final day.

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