Maroon 5 Stages Epic Wedding Crash [Video]

Maroon 5

Superstar Adam Levine and his bandmates in Maroon 5 have crashed multiple weddings in an epic way to market their new album. Singing the song Sugar, the band goes on a hunt to find every wedding in Los Angeles that they can, creating a memory for the lucky couples that they did not even see coming. Every bride in the video below has a priceless response to the wedding crashers, and the confusion while the stage is set for the band, is as real as it gets. The band sends in their roadies, and they erect an impromptu stage complete with a curtain and lighting. The dramatic effect of getting the couples to the middle of the dance floor and the curtain dropping to reveal the band, would make even bridezillas forget all their worries. Every wedding that was crashed ended up with the entire crowd on the dance floor, and not a frown in the house.

Maroon 5 has done a bang-up job of promoting their new album V, and their tour of North America and Europe starts on Feb. 16, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. The lucky couples that were the recipients of the epic surprise got a taste of what it will be like to see the band in concert. Other states that will be graced with their presence include Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. A stop in Washington, D.C., is also planned. If the video is any indication of the concerts to come, fans will indeed be in for a treat. The reaction to the wedding crasher’s video has been overwhelmingly positive and has well over one million hits in just three weeks.

Fans will also be happy to hear that most of the hit show, The Voice, is prerecorded, and the band’s tour dates will not interfere with the show’s premiere. The teaser for The Voice shows the Maroon 5 front man joking with the other judges and showcasing that undeniable charisma with fellow coach Blake Shelton. Fans worry that when it comes time for the live shows, Levine will be a no-show, as his tour dates go well through 2015. Further scrutiny of the band’s tour dates shows a block of time in April and in May when no concerts are scheduled. This correlates directly with when the live tapings will begin on The Voice, so for now it appears there will be no conflicts.

Maroon 5’s lead singer has a lot going on, and it stands to reason that he may want to step back from his judging on the hit show. However, in an interview in TV Guide, Levine says that being a judge has made a profound difference in his life and he would never entertain the thought of leaving. He states that the show is something he truly enjoys and even after seven seasons, he is more dedicated to it than ever – much like his dedication to his music and to Maroon 5, which is apparent in the video of the band’s epic wedding crashing. Fans are happy to have Levine on the road and on their televisions, and this tour is sure to be a sold-out success.

Commentary by Kristi Cereska

Maroon 5
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