‘Moonlight Water’ by Win & Meredith Blevins [Book Review]

Moonlight Water

Moonlight Water by husband and wife writing team, Win and Meredith Blevins, is an amazing novel about a rock singer, Robbie, who grew up in San Francisco and became successful doing his own style of music with his band, Elegant Demons. Things in Robbie’s personal life do not go as successfully for Robbie, though, as they do in his professional one, as his wife miscarries three times and then announces that she is going to leave him for her best friend, Nora.

After Robbie fakes his own death, starts over, and abandons his career in music, his personal and spiritual life get better. He becomes a man who is, so to speak, “reborn.” Wanting to start a new life, Robbie torches his beloved sailboat and drives a van until he comes to the small town of Moonlight Water, where he recreates himself in a setting of beautiful ruins, the Navajo people and Mormon settlers.  Moonlight Water

In the town of Moonlight Water, Robbie goes by the new name he has chosen for himself, Red Stuart. He hopes to find there what all of his money could not buy, that is, happiness. His quest to reinvent himself leads Robbie to not only happiness, but also a sense of meaning to his life, and a new-found sense of his own self-worth.

Robbie meets and falls in love with a Navajo ranger, Zahnie Kee, and finds out that he enjoys tracking down looters and defending the artifacts of the Navajos. In the town of Moonlight Water, Robbie is welcomed into the Navajo community, and finds both a home, and his heart.

Like the character of Ranger Kee, the Blevins both show a respect and reverence for the subjects that they write about, the Navajo people and their way of life. While Navajo artifacts are fascinating, as is reading about them, Kee’s job is to protect the artifacts and guard “especially the grave sites” of the Navajos.

Red Stuart and Ranger Kee make a great pair, and Stuart has Kee’s back, like when one of the looters, Wayne Kravin, threatens Kee, saying “I know your talk and I know your laws and they don’t mean squat to me. I want you moving out before I count to three. One!”

As Kravin counts down and moves closer to Kee, Red knocks him down, crotch-first into some spiny yucca plants. He then slugged his solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him and subduing him. It is just one of many times that they work successfully together in this terrific novel.

Moonlight Water is an engaging, spellbinding novel of life, love, courage and redemption. It is the first collaboration from the husband and wife team of Win and Meredith Blevins. Both were successful authors on their own, before deciding to become a writing duo. Win Blevins is an authority on the Plains Indians and the fur-trade era of the West, and has written a prize-winning novel about Crazy Horse. Meredith is an award-winning travel writer who has published five books. Check out Moonlight Water today!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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