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After less than five months of marriage, Nicholas Brendon and his wife, Moonda Tee have apparently split from each other. Andrea Albin, a representative for the Criminal Minds actor, posted a statement about the end of the marriage on his Facebook page on Thursday. In the statement, the representative made the official announcement that Brendon and his wife have formally gone their separate ways. In the post on social media, the actor called Tee a beautiful individual. He also said that he wished all the best for her in the future and hoped that she was able to enjoy all that life truly has to offer.

In the statement, Albin acknowledged that there will be gossip and rumors surrounding the couple’s split after only a few months together. At this time however, they are asking that people respect Brendon’s privacy while he is dealing with this difficult time in his life. The representative said that situations such as this are never really easy. This statement also said that every single experience in our life builds us into who we become.

This announcement comes only a few months after the actor popped the question. Then just a week after they became engaged, the actor married Tee in Las Vegas. The marriage was originally announced via a Tweet from the actor, with a picture of the couple under a welcome sign for Las Vegas. Tee was wearing a white dress with a veil and holding red roses. The actor was wearing a brown jacket with black pants and a blue shirt. In the post the actor quoted the iconic line of marital vows which said until “death do us part.” Sadly just a few months later and Brendon and his wife have split up. This was not Brendon’s first marriage. The actor had previously been married from 2001 to 2006 to Tressa DiFiglia, an actress.

Following the wedding to Tee in October, Brendon was actually detained by the police for supposedly damaging property and then subsequently resisting arrest, following an apparent outburst in the lobby of a hotel in Colorado. In his mug shot, Brendon appeared to have red, blood-shot eyes and he also appeared to be very disheveled. Two days after the incident, the actor apologized for his behavior. In his apology, he called his behavior unacceptable. Brendon blamed his bad behavior on the combination of alcohol consumption as well as prescription medication for a cyst that he apparently had behind his knee cap. The actor indicated that he was actually getting treatment for his emotional problems as well as medical complaints.

Tee also confirmed the split on her own Facebook page, after she was asked to confirm rumors that she and Brendon had in fact gone their separate ways. On her post, she said that it did seem to be a fact. Tee posted that the actor did not know just what an amazing thing he had because of the girl she is. While there has been no further posts from Tee, on Friday there was a new post on the actor’s Facebook page. The new post was a photograph of Brendon next to a pool in Fort Lauderdale. The actor is there for a comic convention called Shock Pop.

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