Power Rangers Bootleg Movie Takes a Darker Approach

Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers always took a light, happy, good-guy-always-wins approach. After all, it was all for the kids and kids want a happy ending. However, the creators of the latest Power Rangers bootleg movie decided to take a darker approach, surprising many who fell in love with the series.

The 14-minute movie is set in the future from the original series. The five original power rangers have grown up, and the inter-galactic war has come to an end. Then in comes Rocky who has original Pink Ranger, Kimberly, tied up to a chair. All he wants to know is where Tommy is. Of course, Kimberly should know. Fans of the original Power Rangers series will remember there was always the on-off-love-interest storyline.

James Van Der Beek stars in the new Power Rangers movie, which is definitely not a pilot, spin-off or start to a series. It is just a one-off movie directed by Joseph Kahn. He takes up most of the air time, taunting and getting answers from Kimberly, played by Katee Sackhoff. It turns out that Rocky changed sides after a treaty between the different galactic beings was created, and he now works on the side of the machines. He needs to know where Tommy is, but Kimberly is not about to share that information.

The Power Rangers bootleg movie definitely takes a darker approach. There is a lot more violence, along with darker settings. On top of that is the language. This is definitely not suitable for children, but possibly a truer version of what the power rangers would have actually been like.

Kahn takes the approach that these were teenagers in war—a war that was much bigger than any people had seen before. It is understandable that lives would have been lost and they would have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With the PTSD, it makes sense that characters would have changed sides, and their characters would have been very different to the power rangers that kids grew up watching—and still watch.

The video was produced by Adi Shankar, who says that he is creating a “bootleg universe.” He grew up on these shows and comics, and wants to turn them into the gritty, dark, violent movies that really they should be. He shared his own thoughts on his YouTube channel later, saying why he decided a Power Rangers bootleg was important and why they chose that one to work on.

Fans of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers will know that there was an announcement that a reboot movie would happen next year. That is still reportedly going to happen. This darker version of the power rangers is definitely not that reboot. The reboot is to hit movie theaters in July 2016, but the details have not been shared. It is possible that the characters will be their naive, innocent teenager selves, rather than being set years in the future.

However, for those who want to see a truer version of the Power Rangers, Kahn has offered that. The darker approach this bootleg movie of the Power Rangers takes is below for enjoyment.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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