Samsung Galaxy Rumors Include the Note 5 and S6

Samsung Galaxy

There are now many Samsung Galaxy rumors doing the rounds, with the Note 5 and S6 being included. Many want to hear about the newest models to hit the market, and both phones are expected this year. Samsung has a habit of releasing a new version of both these models on a yearly basis.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may have only been released at the end of 2014, but the Note 5 rumors are already spreading. One of those is that the phone will have a 6-inch display, slightly larger than its predecessors. It is already the largest phone on the market, but Apple has recently contended for that title. The display is also expected to have a 4k Amoled display, which is something that many supporters would like to see. Samsung Group did say that it was investing in the technology shortly before the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Another of the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is that it will have Gorilla Glass 4. This is twice as strong as its predecessors, so will be able to withstand more heavy drops. The ability to withstand drops is something that many have asked for, especially as the phones cost so much money. Those with the Galaxy Notes 3 and 4 will already find that their phones tend to be more durable than many other brands.

When it comes to hardware, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to have 4GB of RAM and use the Snapdragon 810 CPU. However, there are other rumors doing the rounds that say manufacturers will use the Exynos 7 version, which is the latest for the company. This is also the expected processor for future phones from Samsung this year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 are both included in the rumors. The S6 rumors also include the latest Exynos 7 processor. These speculations increased when a teaser video was shared with the lightning bolt and line under it. However, very little in the video says much about the phone expect it being the next Samsung Galaxy phone.

The trailer for the Samsung Galaxy S6 shows a slow moving camera, focusing on building glass and art features. Some believe that the material make-up of the phone has been confirmed through this, but they can only go from the rumors that have circulated since the start of the year.

There is no confirmed release date for either of the phones. In fact, the names have not officially been shared yet, but they are expected. The Samsung Galaxy phones have both been extremely popular over the years.

Twitter has sparked some of the rumors, and it looks like Samsung is looking to compete with Apple’s scanning technology. The Exynos Twitter account confirmed rumors that it is looking into the technology, and there are now speculations that it will appear in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However, there is no confirmation as of yet.

The S6 is expected to be released first, with the Note 5 being released later this year. That has been the way previous releases have worked. However, the Samsung Galaxy information is just rumors at the moment, including both the S6 and Note 5.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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