Seahawks Fans Still Reeling After Heartbreaking Super Bowl Loss

Seahawks Fans

The Seattle Seahawks and their fans are still reeling after the heartbreaking 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX last Sunday in Glendale, Arizona. The defending Super Bowl Champions were just one yard away from victory, and trailing by four points in the closing minute of the fourth quarter. Being four points down, the Seahawks needed a touchdown to win their second consecutive Super Bowl title. Again, they were only a yard away from scoring. Unfortunately, Seahawks fans would not be celebrating this time around.

The Seahawks had the ball at the one-yard line with just 26 seconds remaining. Seattle fans expected the Seahawks to do what they’ve done all season long, which is to hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch; but for no apparent reason, head coach Pete Carroll called for a passing play near the goal line instead of handing the ball off to the Pro Bowl running back. The result was less than stellar for the Seahawks. The final play left Seahawks fans heartbroken and dejected.

The fans, and most of the free world, expected the ball to be given to Lynch. Instead, there was a passing play to Ricardo Lockette near the goal line. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson threw to the intended receiver, but New England rookie Malcolm Butler correctly read the play, stepping in front of Lockette and making the interception.

Needless to say, Seahawks fans were stunned and Seahawks players were left reeling and heartbroken. One Seahawks fan was particularly irritated: Season ticket-holder, 45-year-old Norb Caoili, who has a highly visible YouTube channel. Caoili frequently records videos in Seahawks gear. This often includes wigs and green face paint. The latest Caoili video filmed the Seahawks fans expensive trip to the Super Bowl, during which the superfan watched and furiously rooted for his beloved Seahawks. All seemed to be going according to plan for Caoili and the rest of the Seahawks fans, who are commonly referred to as the twelfth man.

Seattle seemed to have gotten a huge break during their final drive in that fateful fourth quarter. Seattle receiver Jermaine Kearse made one of the most incredible catches in Super Bowl history. The juggling acrobatic catch put the Seahawks deep into New England territory, seemingly sealing the Patriots fate. On the next play, The Lynch four-yard run put Seattle at the one-yard line.

With just 26 seconds on the clock, it seemed all but inevitable that head coach Pete Carroll would pound the ball inside by giving it to Lynch once again. Instead, the Seahawks and their fans would be left heartbroken, and without a repeat title. The events would leave many angry and sad.

Caoili fully expected Lynch to get the ball, and began to chant, “Give it to him again!” After the Butler interception at the goal line, the Patriots took possession at their own one-yard line with 20 seconds remaining in regulation.

Many people felt that the Carroll decision to call for a passing play instead of giving the ball to Lynch was one of the worst calls in Super Bowl history. The loss reminded people of other Super Bowl chokes, like the wide-right kick from Buffalo place kicker Scott Norwood in Super Bowl XXV. The missed field goal cost the Bills a Super Bowl title, as they lost by a single point. Seahawks fans can now relate to the pain that Buffalo fans went through during that era.

Despite being heartbroken, Seahawks fans showed their support for their club by leaving balloons and signs for the club, thanking them for a great season. “Emotionally, it would have been better if we had lost 43-8,” Coaili stated. “There is nothing worse than having it in your hand and then losing it all” Seattle fans have little to be ashamed of. Reaching two consecutive Super Bowls and winning one is nothing to scoff at. Last year, Seahawks fans did get to celebrate the first Super Bowl championship in franchise history. The Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in last years Super Bowl by the score of 43-8.

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