Supernatural: About a Boy [Recap/Review]


About a Boy promised an interesting twist for Supernatural. Dean Winchester has battled demons, angels and everything else that has been thrown his way, but there is one thing he only had to face once; puberty. This episode saw him have to deal with it all again, as well as the issues with the Mark of Cain.

Supernatural has never shied away from fairy tales and popular culture. This season is no different, with Hansel and Gretel playing a part in About a Boy, but the story takes a darker twist than even the Grimm brothers could have imagined.

While Dean is cooped up in the Bunker, hiding while he deals with the Mark of Cain, Sam suggests they go hunting. He honestly believes that this is something his brother can live with, and they go to Oregon where people are disappearing and leaving their clothes behind. While flirting with Tina, they come across a man who transports them to a basement, thanks to a hex bag. It all just had to involve witches—the one thing that Dean hates the most.

While in the basement, Dean realizes that he has become a teenager again. Dylan Everett has played teen Dean in the past, but this time he plays it as older Dean in a younger body. Dean keeps all his memories and still has the same attitude, and Everett certainly pulls it off.

During About a Boy, Dean has not completely changed and the Supernatural character takes in cake without thinking of the consequences. However, he does manage to escape and goes to Sam for help, promising to return for Tina later. Luckily, Sam recognizes his big-now-little brother, and he does not even seem that surprised. Considering just a few seasons ago he was turned into an old man, it kind of makes sense.

The only good thing about the turn of events in Supernatural, is how there is no Mark of Cain to actually worry about now. It turns out that the Mark has gone, and Dean wonders whether he should remain a teenager for good. That clearly is not going to happen, but it would be an interesting way to deal with the storyline.

However, the Winchester brothers need to figure out the truth, and find out that Hansel from the fairy tale is helping the witch. Gretel is dead, and he is turning people into children so the witch can cook them. While they try to kill the witch, Hansel almost kills Sam. Dean uses the hex bag to become his usual self and then stabs Hansel. He then carries out the fairy tale by pushing the witch into the oven. It really was the only way this story could end.

It turns out that the witch was connected to Crowley’s storyline. She has been sent by the Grand Coven to take care of Rowena. Supernatural is not a show just to throw in something like this as a red herring, so it is clear the Grand Coven will make an appearance later in the season. Maybe the witches know how to remove the Mark of Cain for Dean.

Unfortunately for the others, the hex bags are all destroyed. Tina has to remain a teenager and she is happy with that. Dean is a little jealous—the Mark of Cain is back—but he knows deep down that this is for the best. The most surprising part of About a Boy is that Supernatural’s Dean Winchester’s love to Taylor Swift.

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