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Supernatural dramas can be a little hit and miss, but HBO has decided it is time to get a new one in development. The premise is a little different to many others, and will feature a range of creatures from the beginning. It also seems like the network is looking to add a sort of human element to the show.

What happens when ghosts, werewolves, vampires and zombies are all put into a room together? That is something this new supernatural drama is going to test. People with various abilities are going to be placed in a support group, according to the little premise that has been released from the show. It is almost like a bunch of alcoholics, drug addicts and maybe sex addicts joining together but with a darker, more out of this world twist.

The full details of the new supernatural drama have not been shared yet. All Variety knows is that it will revolve around a support group, and there is the metaphor for real life within there. It will be called Incurable, and the pilot is being directed by Alan Poul, who is best known for The Newsroom and Six Feet Under. Will Strouse is writing the pilot episode.

There is the question over whether there is room for a new supernatural drama in development, even if it is on HBO. There are plenty already on TV right now, with three getting early renewals on the CW network. Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are all coming back for their 11th, seventh and third seasons respectively next fall. Other channels have the likes of The Walking Dead and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Some of these types of dramas do not last long. The likes of The Tomorrow People and The Secret Circle were cancelled after just one season. It is important to put a lot of effort into that first season to make people want to tune in.

HBO does have a good chance. It is the home of Game of Thrones, and it may be worth putting the new show on before or just after it. However, things may need to be fixed with the whole streaming issue. At the moment, fans of HBO need to get a cable subscription to stream online. The network is talking about introducing a streaming only service, which will make many fans happy. There is no confirmation over when this will happen yet. It would give the show a new chance, since people can watch wherever they are without paying what they feel is a fortune.

The premise certainly seems a little different. It is not often that a TV shows starts with different types of creatures all together in one room. It will be interesting to see how a werewolf and vampire can support each other, when they are traditionally enemies, and how a zombie will deal with the lure to eat brains. However, very little is known about the show, with no characters even shared for the new supernatural drama in development for HBO.

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