The 100: Bodyguard of Lies [Recap/Review]

The 100

Bodyguard of Lies was this week’s episode of The 100. The big question based on the trailer was whether Bellamy would turn the acid fog off in time. It was something he needed to do to keep his friends and new allies safe, and Cage was just about to release it.

Cage has a lot to deal with in The 100. Not only do the kids know about the plan to use their bone marrow, but he has found out people within in own home are against him. He decides that it is time to release the fog as soon as the Grounders and Sky People are in range. At least there is a limit to how far this fog can spread.

Bellamy needs to get to the room with the fog, but that does not help him much if he cannot turn it off. Raven turns to Wick for help, but with a slight twist in The 100, he wants to neutralize it. Bellamy soon finds that his card key has been disabled, and is surrounded by guards. As usual on The 100, he is not going to just give in and gets back to Maya’s dad for help. Maybe he can help with turning the fog off. Once he finally gets into the room, he radios through to Raven to find out how to do it. When he suggests blowing it up, she tells him not to because it will blow him up, too. Finally, they find a way to neutralize it. At least that is some good news on The 100.

There is a new love story in The 100 this week. It seems a little too soon after Finn’s death, but Raven moves on with Wick. As she says, they are going to war so maybe that is the reason. At least there is emotion afterwards, and maybe she does feel guilty for moving on from Finn so quickly.

Meanwhile in Bodyguard of Lies, this week’s episode of The 100, Clarke is struggling with the position she is now in. There are a lot of “what if” questions, but Lexa helps remind her what it means to be a leader. The friendship between these two on The 100 is something both seem to have needed for a while.

Octavia is not happy with Clarke, though. When she finally finds out that Clarke is alive, she is angry that Clarke left her and others to die. As a big dig on The 100, she tells Clarke she would have fit in with the Council. Lexa is worried that Octavia will tell the others what really happened with the missile, so sends her second to kill her. It soon looks like the Lexa/Clarke relationship on The 100 is over.

Clarke gets to Octavia just in time to stop Lexa’s second from killing her. She then turns on Lexa, saying that she cannot kill all those she does not trust. Having feelings does not make someone a weak leader, and Clarke pulls Lexa up on her feelings for her own people. Then there comes a shocking moment on The 100 when Lexa kisses Clarke. However, Clarke pushes Lexa away, saying she is not ready to be with someone right now. Does that mean Clarke does have some feelings for Lexa in that way, but is still reeling over Finn’s death?

Before they can go into that, Bellamy signals that the dangerous fog in The 100 has been disabled, and they can get to Mount Weather. However, as they are on their way, Bellamy realizes that the fog is not neutralized after all. It turns out that Cage has been listening to Bellamy’s radio conversations. Guards go after Bellamy, while he finds a way to stop the release of the fog. Just as the fog is released, the chemicals explode. The Grounder/Sky People army can keep going on The 100.

Indra offers some advice to Octavia, saying that she knew all about the missile. Indra was never angry or upset. It is war, and Octavia needs to remember that. Hard decisions need to be made on The 100.

While all this is going on in The 100, Jaha and Murphy are still trying to find the City of Light. All of a sudden a mine explodes, and they find themselves in a minefield. While they are stuck in one place, the sun coming up shows a place glowing. They are close, but they need to get there. The minefield is testing their faith on The 100. Once they do get there, it turns out that there is nothing there. However, there are solar panels and then they see a drone and then a boat. It is all a little too convenient and screams trap on The 100.

There are a lot of difficult decisions being made, but again this is war. With two episodes left of the season, Bodyguard of Lies seems to promise that The 100 season finale will be an explosive one.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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