The Dress That Made the World Go Crazy: White and Gold or Blue and Black?

the dress
The dress pictured in the middle.

Of all the things that go viral on the internet, no one would think that the color of a dress would cause massive internet chaos. But the dress that made the world go crazy, had everyone weighing in on whether or not the color was white and gold or blue and black. It is true that this debate has caught the attention of almost everyone.

It was a simple start, really. The mother of a bride sent a picture of the dress that she was suppose to wear. Then, suddenly everyone all over the world, started arguing about its color. In her statement, Ellen DeGeneres said that the world would forever be divided between two people: “blue & black or white & gold.”

On Thursday evening the post seemed to reach millions on Earth. While many things were happening that caught the attention of many, like Kanye apologizing to Beck and two Llamas running a muck in Arizona, somehow the world only wanted to argue about a dress. A reporter from Washington Post is calling it the “dress phenomenon.”

So, what happened was, the mother of the bride sent a picture to her daughter, of the dress she was going to wear. The daughter and her fiance could not agree on what color the dress was. Because of this the daughter posted the picture to Facebook. This started the craziness.

the dress
This picture was the one posted.

At first, it started with friends of the family and members involved in the wedding. Some of them thought that the color was white and gold and others thought that the color was blue and black. Then one of the members of the band who was going to play at the wedding posted the photo, asking for opinions. After that, the picture went viral, catching the eye of millions of internet users, including famous celebrities.

Taylor Swift posted that the dress was blue and black. So did Justin Bieber and Mindy Kaling. But Anna Kendrick and Rob Lowe thought the dress was white and gold. Dozens of other celebrities weighed in. But whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold, everyone seemed to have an opinion, and everyone was divided into the two groups.

Many begin posting comments, stating that this was a trick or asking if the media had nothing better to do. People became curious, people were confused, and overall by the statements expressed, people became angry.  In fact, Tweets about the dress were so original that the Boston Globe even created an article just about the Tweets. Using the hashtag #thedress, pictures began showing up expressing people’s feelings over the debate. One user took a picture of the two llamas that escaped in Arizona and painted blue stripes over the black llama and gold stripes over the white llama and posted, “#TheDress drama summed up in one picture.”

BuzzFeed said that they had the most people on simultaneously, with 670,000 weighing in about the dress at one time. By 9 p.m. last night, over 10 million people read the post. Their poll asked users to vote for what color they thought the dress was. They stated that over 900,000 people had voted with 3/4 of them seeing the dress as white and gold. With every media source posting about #thedress phenomenon, there is sure to be many more to come.

For all of those people who were confused, yes, the dress is blue. Scientists have released information about the dress and the way that light hits the eye. One neuroscientist, Jay Neitz of the University of Washington, said that he has studied the way that individuals see colors differently for 30 years. He said he has never seen such a difference, as with the dress. The picture, hosted on Wired shows the perceptual difference between the colors that people see on the dress. Another neuroscientist, Bevil Conway of Wellesley College, stated that the difference is the perception of light and that most likely night owls are probably the ones who see blue and black, while people who are custom to being in daylight mostly probably see the dress as white and gold. Both scientists agree that the background colors and lighting of the picture, also have something to do with it.

While everyone knows now that the dress is really blue, the debate between the color of the dress went on for many hours. Funny comments arose from the speculation and scientists learned more about the way that light is perceived. Now that the whole thing is over the craziness that the dress caused in the world is done, and whether it was white and gold or blue and black, it seems that everybody learned something. Or did they? (By the way, I see it as white and gold.)

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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