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Will The Walking Dead dare go three-for-three, and kill off another character in this Sunday’s episode, Them? While it is doubtful that yet another character will get killed off the third week in a row, anything could happen. This preview contains some SPOILERS, so be warned; but, nothing as earth shattering as the potential upcoming deaths of any characters. Read on, to learn a little bit more about tonight’s episode, and check out the video clip from the episode below!

Fans of The Walking Dead know that the last episode before the mid-season break saw the very sad demise of Beth. Then last week, in the premiere episode for the second half of the season, yet another character, Tyreese, played by Chad Coleman, was killed off. He had been going ahead of Noah, at Noah’s house, trying to make sure that there were no walkers around.

Tyreese was bitten by a boy who had turned into a walker, as he was staring at a photo on the wall of two boys. The walker who bit him turned out to have been one of the boys in the photo. Then, he used the same arm to jam into another walker’s mouth as he reached behind him, grabbed a geode off of a shelf, and bashed the walker’s head in with it.

As he was dying, he experienced visions of a few of the characters who had died before him, talking to him, like the girls Lizzie and Mika, Bob, The Governor, and even Beth, playing her guitar and singing to him. Despite the efforts of Rick and Michonne at saving his life, with Michonne using her katana to cut off his arm above where he had been bitten, Tyreese died.

Rick and the other survivors had considered settling down in Virginia, until the horrible reality hit them during the last episode that it was as dangerous as any other place they had tried to settle down at previously. There were still walkers roaming around in packs, as well.

The Walking Dead survivors had mentioned that they might try heading to Washington D.C., even though when Sergeant Abraham, Glenn Rhee, Maggie, Eugene Porter and the others who had been with them had tried to make it there, they were stopped by the sight of zombie hordes in the distance just ahead of them. Yet, in the video clip preview of the episode, below, the survivors are on the road, on foot, headed somewhere that is 60 miles further off. That could possibly imply that they are headed for Washington, D.C.

As Daryl points out in The Walking Dead clip, though, they desperately need water. Also, not very far behind them, they are being followed by a horde of walkers. They can easily outpace the walkers, but the walkers do not need to rest, or need water or sleep.

Also in The Walking Dead clip, Rick and his gang see a group of wild dogs headed out of a forested area and crossing the road to get to the other side. The bears might just possibly be going about their own business, not intending to do Rick and his band any harm; but, even if the survivors do not have a physical confrontation with the animals, seeing them serves as a warning that they might face such a danger from nature in the future.

The SPOILERS that follow are taken from an MTV review of The Walking Dead episode, Them, that was written prior to the episode being aired. The site, Communities Digital News, then got a hold of the transcript and posted some of the SPOILERS from it. The SPOILERS that follow are not as vital to the overall episode as mentioning if a particular character dies, but many fans do not like to have any prior knowledge of an episode before seeing it, so be warned that SPOILERS lie ahead.

As The Walking Dead survivors search for supplies, Rick and his group get caught out in a terrible storm complete with a lot of lightning. The gang find temporary shelter from the wild storm in a barn. Rick gives a speech comparing what he and the other survivors are going through to the dangerous situations his grandfather faced overseas during WWII, where death could be around any corner. In his speech, he delivers a line that will likely become one of the most memorable lines yet from The Walking Dead, saying “We are the walking dead.”

That is it, as far as the SPOILERS go. However, with the deaths of two characters from The Walking Dead in the space of two episodes, fans have been trying to figure out who might be the next one to go, whether he or she gets killed off tonight or later this season.

Theoretically, Carol could have gotten killed in the episode that Beth died in, either along with Beth, or instead of Beth. As she lived, though, many fans of The Walking Dead believe that she will likely be one of the survivors who make it to the end of the entire series, along with Sheriff Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Carl, and baby Judith. While any of these characters could, potentially, be killed off during any episode, they are the ones most fans believe will survive to the final episode, whenever that might air.

Just about everyone else is fair game. Father Gabriel plays a fairly large role in the comic books, but that does not necessarily mean that he will also play a big role in the TV series, so his character might be one of the next ones to get killed off. Noah could be even higher on the list, as he is new to the group, fulfilled his role in getting the gang to head to Virginia and possibly onward to Washington, D.C., so he might not be missed by fans all that much.

Tyreese’s sister, Sasha, might take over as the moral “compass,’ of The Walking Dead now that her brother has died. That might ensure her safety for a few more episodes, though the characters on the series who have served that function before have all, eventually, been killed off.

Sergeant Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, or Rosita Espinosa, played by Christian Serratos, might be among the next to go, though the writers might want to keep the tension that exists between Rick and Sergeant Ford alive as they each have their own ideas about the best way to be a leader for the survivors. Tara now seems to be with this group, so she might also be considered to be expendable. None of these four characters were in the last episode of The Walking Dead, but they will likely continue being an important part of the series for a while longer, though…who knows?

Reportedly, Glenn and Michonne will eventually each lead a small group of The Walking Dead survivors and go their own ways. If so, on their own, they might end up developing great leadership qualities. They also might, instead, get killed off fairly quickly, or a combination of both, like becoming great leaders but sacrificing themselves to save the lives of the other members of their groups. Maggie might be one of the next ones to get killed off; though, if Glenn dies before she does, it could make for great TV viewing, as Maggie undergoes yet another emotional blow as she is still reeling from the death of her sister, Beth.

The Walking Dead episode, Them, looks like it will be another terrific episode, from the brief video clip previewing it that can be seen below. As with most of the clips in the past, and most of the episodes of the series, some questions fans have had might have been answered, but other ones have likely been raised. For instance, will Rick and his gang make it safely to Washington, D.C., or wherever they are headed? Will the wild dogs, the walkers, or a gang of human bad guys kill one or more or the group tonight? If they all make it to wherever they are going, what will happen there? Tune in tonight, to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

The Walking Dead: Them [Video]

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