‘The Walking Dead: What Happened and What’s Going On?’ [Preview]

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On Sunday, February 8 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m CT, The Walking Dead will return, with the mid-season premiere, What Happened and What’s Going On? The director of the episode, Greg Nicotero, has reportedly referred to the episode as one that will possibly be the most hated one ever. That is because the episode will begin taking the rest of this season of The Walking Dead in a new direction, one in which some fans of the series might not be happy with.

There will still be the walkers and still be many scenes of violence and gore, but The Walking Dead survivors, under the leadership of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, will once again be heading towards the idea of settling down and helping re-establish civilization. To honor the last wishes of Beth, who died in the last episode, Coda, the gang will help Noah reach his parents in Alexandria, Virginia.

The directors describe the rest of season 5 of The Walking Dead as being a “brutal” one, as the group heads towards the Alexandria Free Zone. Some of them will split up, with Glenn Rhee leading one of the groups and Michonne reportedly leading another. One or the other of these two groups or leaders might not survive, as they each go their own ways. Some of the group members will have the feelings that they are not worthy of civilization, because of the terrible things they have had to do in order to survive.

AMC has released a trailer of the first two minutes of The Walking Dead. The episode What Happened and What’s Going On? will continue from shortly after the last episode, Coda. The first few seconds show a shovel digging in the dirt as someone digs a grave for Beth. Father Gabriel gives a graveside service and Sheriff Rick mentions the idea of moving on towards Alexandria and possibly settling down there, if the area looks like a relatively safe and secure one. If it is not suitable, then they will move on to somewhere else, and settle there, instead.

While it was probably inevitable that Rick and his group of survivors would want to try settling down again, sooner or later, if that will mean fewer confrontations with walkers and human bad guys, many fans of The Walking Dead might not like the new direction the series appears to be headed in. These are the fans who have enjoyed the episodes that have had the most action scenes in them, and the episodes involving showdowns between Rick, Carol, Daryl, and the others, versus human bad guys, like the ones against the Terminus cannibals.

Actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Sheriff Rick Grimes, stated in an interview with MTV that he likes the look of The Walking Dead episode What Happened and What’s Going On? He called it “a beautiful episode,” adding that it was “dream-like and visually intoxicating,” as well as the script being “right in my sweet spot.”

While Rick and his group cannot bring Beth back to life, they would like to, as Lincoln put it, “honor Beth” in some way. They choose to honor her through trying, as Lincoln stated, “to see if we can find Noah’s parents.” The episode will show a softer side of Rick, according to Lincoln, “the humane side of Rick we haven’t seen for quite some time.”

Being out on the road again will put Rick and his group of survivors on The Walking Dead in more danger, as they are exposed, splitting up, and some group members go different ways. That all will ensure that there will still be plenty of action in at least some of the remaining episodes of season five of The Walking Dead. Also, the leadership qualities within Glenn and Michonne will come to light, as these characters evolve.

Despite the title of the mid-season premiere on Sunday night of The Walking Dead, What Happened and What’s Going On?, obviously not everything will be explained as to what direction the rest of the season will be headed in, but viewers will get a glimpse of things to come. Perhaps especially what might happen once Rick and whoever remains with him and/or rejoins with his group when the finally reach Alexandria is a subject of much speculation. Whenever Rick and his pals have attempted to settle down in the past, eventually, things took a decided turn for the worst. Will it be the same with Alexandria?

Written By Douglas Cobb

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