Utah Mother Pleads Guilty for the Murder of Six Newborns



Megan Huntsman, a 39-year-old Utah mother addicted to methamphetamines is pleading guilty for murdering six of her newborn babies over ten years. She stored the infant bodies in cardboard boxes in her garage over the past decade.

Huntsman told authorities that she already has three children, and with her drug abuse she was too overwhelmed to care for any more. In court, she responded to all six counts of murder premeditated quietly saying guilty.

She will be sentenced in April to a life in prison. Prosecutors however, are saying there is a possibility of cutting her sentence down to only five years. Her plea is the only thing that may keep her from life in prison.

Utah attorney, Jeff Buhman, says he will be very surprised if she ever gets released and is happy with the ruling. Officials believe that Huntsman gave birth to the six newborns from 1996 to 2006. They are unaware of how she was able to hide her pregnancies from family and friends and able to give birth alone.

Huntsman told the court that she killed her babies by strangling and suffocating them. She would then wrap the infant bodies in plastic and store them in boxes in her garage. One of the boxes was sealed shut with electrical tape.

Her husband, who according to officials is not mentally sound either, found one of the bodies while cleaning the garage in their home at Pleasant Grove. Darren West, the husband, served eight years in prison for meth charges. Once the police were notified, they arrived at the house and found six other bodies. One of the infants was stillborn and Huntsman is not being charged for the murder of it.

West is not considered a part of the investigation because he was found to have no part in the murders. Huntsman’s other children, three daughters, are being cared for by family members. Family members have not been reached for comment about the Utah mother’s pleading guilty for the murder of her six newborn babies.

Huntsman said that she had lost count of how many of her newborns she had killed. All of the babies that she murdered were full term and belonged to father West. Prosecutors believe drug use, probably meth was involved however, they say it is not a good explanation for the murders. Prosecutors have also called it a “unique crime” due to the number of victims as well has the heinousness of the crimes.

Where Huntsman was living and where she stored the bodies, in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the community is primarily Mormon. This case has created uproar and instilled fear in the majority of the Mormon community in that area.

They day police officers were called into her home by west, she claimed there were eight or nine babies in boxes. The police have concluded though, that her original statement was wrong and she was in a state of shock and confusion. The Utah mother’s plea for guilty on the accounts of six murders of her newborns will most likely receive her life in prison sentence despite some prosecutors saying the sentence could be as little as five years.

Written by Audrey Madden



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