Was Whitney Houston’s Death as Tragic as the Child She Left Behind?

Whitney Houston

The world of entertainment was devastated at the death of Icon Whitney Houston three years ago when they found the reports of her death were true. It is not uncommon during these days of the internet for people to make false claims of celebrity deaths just to get a rise. This was not the case for legendary Houston, whose music soared high throughout the 80s and into the 90s; she was gone and hopes of a fully rehabilitated Whitney would never be realized.

It seemed as if the singer was on her way to true recovery and was trying to make a comeback. Instead the years of drug abuse and depression had caught up to her and caused many to rule her death a tragedy. The question, as the world awaits the news of her only daughter Bobbi Kristina, is… “Was Whitney’s death as tragic as the child she left behind?”

No one knows what type of parent Whitney would have been if she had not been held captive by the cruel beast known as drug abuse. Sure, those who knew her best can speculate but that is all it would have been. Whitney was a mother who wanted a child so desperately that when she finally conceived and gave birth to Bobbi Kristina there is no doubt she would be spoiled. However, her young life may not have been as damaged if she was not raised in a drug infested environment.

It was devastating enough to have lost her mother at such as young age, but to have no true sense of self while inheriting a crap load of money all added up to a path of destruction. At the news of her mom’s death Bobbi Kris had to be hospitalized at least twice within days of each other. This, among other things, ultimately led the young woman to a full-blown breakdown with no accountability and therefore no real help to process what she was experiencing.

How else was someone so young and sheltered from the real world going to react to the pressures of life except by following the example she had received from her parents. As many witnessed on the reality TV show, Houstons: On Our Own, the heir of the I Will Always Love You songstress turned to substance abuse as a coping mechanism.

In 2009, Whitney was witnessed describing her crack-addicted life in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. She even stated that she lived in her pajamas for seven months straight while being hooked on the drug. This all took place as her young daughter was growing up, witnessing things no child should. Bobbi Kristina was obsessed with her mother and it appears that she followed her mother’s footsteps nearly to an early grave. Many people are praying and hoping but only time will tell if they share the same ending.

This article is not designed to determine whether Whitney and Bobby were good or bad parents. People raise their children to the best of their ability given the circumstances they find themselves in. While some parental decisions turn out to be better than others, no human has the authority to say who can and who cannot have a child. The fact is, Houston and Brown had a child together named Bobbi Kristina and the decisions they made as parents during her upbringing have followed the woman to her downfall.

It does not really matter if her parents are responsible for the roller coaster lifestyle their child was reared in or that they were caught up for years in the grips of drug abuse, what does matter is that a young woman was left without a mother with no coping skills. The world mourned Whitney’s death and called it a tragedy, from the looks of her daughter who is clinging to life with the help of a ventilator… the real tragedy is the child she left behind to fend for herself.

Opinion by: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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