Wednesday Lee Friday Explores ‘The Horror Within’ [Exclusive Interview]

Wednesday Lee Friday

Author Wednesday Lee Friday has written four novels and she loves writing in the genres of suspense and horror, with an occasional foray into writing novels that are a bit on the spicy side. Her books include The Cat’s Apprentice, Kiss Me Like You Love Me, The Finster Effect, and A Stabbing for Sadie. Wednesday Lee Friday is about to launch a brand-new magazine called The Horror Within. She has graciously agreed to do this interview with me, to talk about her books and upcoming magazine and answer questions like if she is accepting any short stories for inclusion in The Horror Within.

The Guardian Liberty Voice: Wednesday, what got you interested in writing in the horror genre? Who have been some of your influences and favorite authors?

Wednesday Lee Friday: I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t a horror fan. Even as a very young kid, I spend my Saturdays with Detroit TV host Sir Graves Ghastly and his selection of very old horror movies—ladies turning into snakes or gorillas with robot heads—you know. By the time I was in middle school, Stephen King stories were all I could think about. I read his short story collections as if they were primers on developing story, theme, and characters. I learned a lot from those—especially about how to reveal information for maximum impact. These days, King is still a fave of mine (not very original, I know). I also love Jack Ketchum’s work, Margaret Atwood, Christopher Moore. No matter how many new authors I discover, I find myself going back to the classics—Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson, Lovecraft, that sort of thing.  Wednesday Lee Friday

The Guardian Liberty Voice: For anyone who has not yet read your books, Wednesday, could you give the readers of the Guardian Liberty Voice an idea of what they are about?

Wednesday Lee Friday: My first published novel, A Stabbing for Sadie, is one of those thinly-veiled semi-autobiographical first novels that people do. It’s not without its charm, and tells the story of a deeply disturbed woman trying to explain why she committed a terrible crime. Kiss Me Like You Love Me examines what makes someone a serial killer. Thematically, it illustrates that killers aren’t as different from us as we’d prefer to believe. The Finster Effect is a straight-up zombie book that I think offers something unique in a highly oversaturated sub-genre. All of my books are available in major digital formats from Crossroads Press and Macabre Ink Digital. All except A Stabbing for Sadie are also available in audio via Audible.

The Guardian Liberty Voice: Wednesday, when will the first issue of The Horror Within be out, and could you please give our readers more details about it, like how much it will cost, how many pages it will run, and if it will be published monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or something else?

Wednesday Lee Friday: We’re planning on releasing the first issue toward the end of May, with a sparkling new issue being released every other month. We want to keep the digital price under $5 an issue, with print copies being just over double that. Print-on-demand is surprisingly expensive. Readers can expect 5 or 6 fiction stories and 5 or 6 reviews, feature articles, and an interview with our artist of the month—whose work will appear on our cover. Ben Nendza, creator of our exclusive Horror Within Coloring Book (available in print and digital as a Kickstarter perk), will also provide the cover art for our first issue. Digital issues will include color art throughout, but print issues will have full-color covers and greyscale interiors.

The Guardian Liberty Voice: Do you need any more people to contribute stories for the first issue? Are you also accepting poems and/or book reviews? If your are looking for any further contributors, what is the pay for their contributions — one or more issues?

Wednesday Lee Friday: We will be opening up to fiction submissions soon. If we meet our Kickstarter goal, all fiction contributors and cover artists will be paid $25 each. If we don’t, they’ll receive a 10% royalty share for every individual issue sold. We certainly hope to be able to pay flat fees, since I think authors and artists prefer that. Anyone interested in contributing should keep their eye on our website and wait for the announcement.  Wednesday Lee Friday

The Guardian Liberty Voice: Will each issue of the magazine be themed? If so, what is the theme of the first issue?

Wednesday Lee Friday: I don’t predict that we’ll be doing theme issues any time soon. In my experience, limiting an issue to a particular theme can make it more difficult to focus on producing and editing quality content. It may come to pass that we change our minds on this. But for the foreseeable future—readers should not expect theme issues.

The Guardian Liberty Voice: Will people be able to subscribe to The Horror Within, to make sure that they get all of the issues?

Wednesday Lee Friday: Yes! We’re being distributed by CreateSpace (Amazon) and Amazon Kindle. Readers can purchase single issues, or a yearly (six issues, since we’re bi-monthly) subscription.

The Guardian Liberty Voice: Though the title of the new magazine will be The Horror Within, Wednesday, will there be other sorts of tales in it, like maybe ones of psychological suspense?

Wednesday Lee Friday: Our focus is on horror. We’re looking for things that surprise us, frighten us, and make us ponder long after we’re done reading. So while our fiction may be suspenseful, mentally or emotionally draining, or even a little funny — there will always be horror. We also have an excellent staff of feature writers who’ll be reviewing movies (from the Netflix instant queue), videogames, television, and lit — all firmly within the horror genre.

The Guardian Liberty Voice: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me, Wednesday Lee Friday, and letting the readers of the Guardian Liberty Voice know more about your novels and upcoming magazine! Good luck with the launch of The Horror Within!

Wednesday Lee Friday: Thanks! My pleasure.

Here is information about the staff of The Horror Within that Wednesday Lee Friday provided:

Staff of The Horror Within includes Gena Radcliffe of Brooklyn, NY. An accomplished essayist and feature writer, Gena will be taking on editing responsibilities in addition to her movie review column: It Came from the Netflix Instant Queue. She will also be curating stories.

Other feature writers include Canadians Joel Couture, Patrick Brennan, and Mord McGhee. Joel writes exceptional comprehensive videogame reviews in his column: Restless Dreams. Patrick is a voracious reader. His literary column: Dissections, reviews indie horror novels and comments on familiar classics. Brennan will also be curating fiction. Mord is a retired musician and current freelance writer. We’re delighted to have him onboard as our TV reviewer. The Horror Within enlists a team of 8+ curators to read submissions and vote on them, with final acceptance made by the editor-in-chief.

Hollingsworth Webster and Ben Nendza are active on the artistic side of The Horror Within. Hollingsworth is responsible for the masthead and logo seen on all promotional materials, and will create all in-issue graphics. He will also be designing issue ads — also available as a Kickstarter perk. Ben illustrates the exclusive Horror Within Coloring Book, and will also provide art for the debut issue.

Guardian Liberty Voice: Thanks again, Wednesday Lee Friday!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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