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YouTube kids’ style is an important move to establish search engines that will protect those 12 years of age and under. YouTube streaming for kids is under the direction of Google, which to date is a market that has not been tapped. This project for kids is separate from the larger YouTube world.

YouTube video streaming is an activity enjoyed by the family. In fact, over the past year there has been a growth spurt of 200% in the area of family entertainment.

Currently, there are one billion users. With a huge membership size, it is very possible that these users have the capabilities to choose and upload any video as they surf the Internet. Even though there is a safety mode on the regular site, children today are very savvy and they can navigate their way through those obscure corners of the Internet.

The major concern is that there is no restriction in place to prevent access to inappropriate videos, especially for  young users.  YouTube kids’ style, through Google, is committed to adapting the safeguards so that this problem of inappropriate use is corrected.

A free version of the YouTube has been created as an app and will be available on February 23. It can be downloaded on Android devices only. Additionally, the YouTube has been developed for smartphones and tablets. It will include content from DreamWorks, Mother Goose Club, Talking Tom and Friends, Sesame Street, and much more. Programs from the National Geographic will keep kids well entertained.

Even young children who are unable to read will be able to enjoy this app. Toddlers will have a limited text on the new YouTube version but could also search with voice. There is no opportunity to upload other content, share or make a comment about the video. Additionally, there are parental controls. Parents can limit the viewing time by simply setting a timer.

There are four categories for the videos: the popular name brand channels, music, including sing-alongs, learning and exploring, and videos with Minecraft narration.

The videos that have been chosen have been reviewed many times and edited when necessary. The importance of developing this safe site for kids is that they will no longer be subjected to sexual comment, curse words in clips, and other adult-like entertainment that impacts their innocence.  However, the community must be very vigilant and make YouTube alert to those videos that appear that are not suitable for children.

Another important step that Google took was to involved a lot of different people to ensure this would have a positive results. This app was tested by parents and kids. Engineers from within the company who have children were included in this test. Advocacy groups like the Family Online Safety Institute, Common Sense Media, and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition viewed it as well.

Google, the parent company for YouTube, will have to address some compliance issues. To be in compliance, there is a requirement that websites must have parental consent in order to get information about children under 13 years of age.

By Marie A. Wakefield

USA Today
CNN Money
Photo by Yahoo Flickr Page- License

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