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On American Idol tonight, the top 12 singers left began the night but just 10 made it through and sang, based on the votes of viewers across America. They sang songs related to movies. The person who received the fewest amounts of votes from the viewers of America sang a song at the end of the episode to try to get the judges to use their one “save” on him or her.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, walked onto the stage as Get Lucky was performed. He said only 10 of the competitiors would be “getting lucky” and moving on. Then, he said “We are celebrating the music of movies,” and he introduced the three American Idol judges.

“Later, Jennifer’s going to perform the hit song from the movie, Home,” Ryan said. “Nile Rodgers has been brought in to guide the remaining competitors,” according to Ryan Seacrest. NASCAR great, Jeff Gordon, brought out the official results of America’s voting. Gordon said this season would be his last one racing.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said “The first person to sing for your votes tonight is…Adanna Duru!” She will be singing a song from the movie Dream Girls, from the 1990s, Love You I Do. She was fantastic, and really got the audience into the song.

Keith said “You sounded really great. It was a good song choice for you.”

Jennifer said “I wanted the real emotion coming from you.”

Harry said “Well, you look like a movie star, for sure. Everything was good, everything was strong. Sing to the audience, and the connection will be better, even at home.”

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest announced the name of the next musical artist who made it. “That is going to be — Daniel Seavey!” he said. Daniel will be performing a song from Begin Again, an Adam Levine song, Lost Stars.

Daniel played the guitar as he sang. He sounded terrific, but Jennifer worried that the song might be better sung by a more mature person. Still, Daniel did a great job with the song.

“Daniel Seavey, you’re such a cutie! I think you did an okay job. I don’t know if it was your best performance.”

Harry said “It just sounds like you were in a practice room. I didn’t see the spontaneity.”

Keith said “I think that was a good performance. Just dig in a little bit more. I think you have it in you, Daniel.” Then, American Idol went to a commercial break.

Back on American Idol, with eight more names to be revealed, host Ryan Seacrest said “Up next it is — Rayvon Owen!” Rayvon’s song was Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees from Saturday Night Fever. The audience applauded and cheered.

Harry said “It was a really cool way to interpret the song. It was interesting to me. It was fine and it was pleasant, but there wasn’t a tremendous amount of substance there.” The audience roundly booed Harry’s remarks.

Jennifer said “It was when you came forward that you really captured me. You need to do things to get us excited and into the song.”

“More results right here. The next person to make it through, staying alive in the competition, is Nick Fradiani,” American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, announced. Nick sang the Kenny Loggins’ song Danger Zone, from Top Gun.

Nick did a pretty good job singing the song. The audience clapped along right from the start, and they really got into his performance.

Keith said “Well, the crowd liked it! It’s better than it was last week; you’re moving in the right direction.”

Harry said “I’m a huge Kenny Loggins fan, but honestly, that song doesn’t give you anything to work with. It was the wrong song.”

Ryan said “After the nationwide vote, the next person to take the stage is…Joey Cook!” The song that she will be singing is Mad World from the movie, Johnny Darko.

Joey looked subdued compared to how she usually has looked on American Idol. She did an AMAZING job singing this song. Her performance was, so far, one of the highlights of the episode.

Jennifer said “That was so beautiful! I really enjoyed that! It was a different side of you. It felt really beautiful.”

Harry said “To me, this was a great song. It was a great choice. It allowed you to chew on some lyrics. Great job!”

Keith said “You’re such an artist, Joey! Beautiful!”

American Idol returned, with host, Ryan Seacrest, ready to announce the name of the sixth competitor who America voted to be in the Top 10. “The next person to sing for your votes is…Tyanna!” Ryan Seacrest said. Tyanna Jones, 16, sang a song from The Lion King, The Circle of Life.

Tyanna NAILED this Elton John song, and she sang it with a lot of power and passion. The audience clapped as she sang, and then erupted into applause when she finished.

Harry said “It looked to me like you were trying really, really hard, and you might have overshot the mark just a little bit. It sounded like you were yelling the song.” Again, the audience roundly booed him.

Jennifer said “I know you’ll do amazing again next week, no worries.”

On American Idol, after another break, Jennifer Lopez sang Feel the Light from the upcoming animated movie, Home. She does the voice of the mother in the flick.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said that “The next person to sing after the nationwide vote of America is…Quentin Alexander!” Quentin sang You’re The One That I Want from Grease. Quentin made the song his OWN.

Keith said “I have heard that version before. Really interesting performance!”‘

Jennifer said “I don’t know if it translated as well as you wanted.”

Harry said “I think that the biggest mistake you made was when you said you weren’t going to think about the pitch. You have to think about the pitch.”

“The next person up, singing for your votes, is — Maddie Walker!” American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, announced. She will be singing a song from Footloose, Let’s Hear It for the Boy.

Maddie Walker gave it her all with her performance, and she did a great job singing it. The audience stood up the entire performance, clapping along as she sang.

Jennifer said “I’m glad you sang that song for very personal reasons. It was one of my mom’s favorite songs.”

Harry said “I didn’t think it was good. I don’t know who you are. It sounded very pageanty to me. It wasn’t good tonight.”

Keith said “If you’d chosen a ballad tonight, I think you would have really hit.”

“The next person to take the stage tonight after your vote is…Clark Beckham!” American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said. He sang the Maroon 5 song, Sunday Morning, from the movie Cheaper By the Dozen.

Harry said “Basically, you just put your arrangement on that song and knocked it out of the park!”

Keith said “Just put a little bit of the smile in there.”

Jennifer told him “You did a whole different thing with that song, that was just you.”

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said it “was down to Jax and Qaasim.” One will be moving on, and one will sing and try to convince the judges to use their one save on him or her.

Ryan brought Jax and Qaasim Middleton onto the stage, and read the results. “The last person to be guaranteed safety after the nationwide vote is…Jax!” She sang from The Wedding Singer.

Jax, 18, did a really wonderful version of I Wanna Grow Old With You. She has a beautiful voice, and is one of the fan favorites this season on American Idol.

Keith said “I loved that you did that song!”

Jennifer said “It played to the quirkiness of your voice.”

Harry said “I think it paid off tonight. It was lovely and sweet and personal. Make sure that you don’t rush.”

After another commercial break on American Idol, Qaasim sang for the “save” of the judges. Qaasim sang Come Together by The Beatles. The audience cheered and clapped along as Qaasim sang.

Harry said “That was arguably the best performance of the night. But, unfortunately, we have to get the issue of the save. We’ve come to the conclusion that you…deserve the save.”

On American Idol next week, according to host Ryan Seacrest, “there will be a Double Elimination.” The show will be back on Wednesday, and the songs are supposed to have “an 80s theme,” Seacrest said.

The Top 10 performers were revealed tonight, though there were some uneven singing performances during this episode on American Idol. Some of the singers, like Joey Cook, Adanna Duru, Clark Beckham and Jax, put in some great performances. Who will the viewers of America think did the best job tonight? Find out next Wednesday on American Idol!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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