‘American Idol’: Top 12 Become Top 11 [Recap & Video]

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On American Idol last night, the Top 12 Semi-Finalists’ names were revealed and they sang songs that they had previously sang. Tonight, each of the Top 12 competitors took to the American Idol once again, during a two-hour-long episode, to perform. One will be cut, leaving just the Top 11, and then the fates of the others will be left up to the viewers and voters of people across America. There will not be an episode on Wednesday, because Empire will have its season finale that night.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, started off the Thursday, March 12, 2015 episode by recapping last night’s episode and then he introduced the judges, Harry Connick Junior, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. American Idol was broadcast live from Hollywood, California..

“One by one, I’ll call up each contestants,” Ryan Seacrest called the name of Rayvon Owen and his chair turned “green,” signifying that he was still in the competition. Rayvon sang Burn by Ellie Goulding. He hit some high falsetto notes, and the song showcased his wide vocal range.

Keith said “That was a killer, killer song choice for you! For me, that was your best performance.”

Jennifer said “That was really, really great! The best one from you yet!”

Ryan said people can begin voting right now. Then, American Idol went to its first break of the episode.

When American Idol came back on, Ryan Seacrest announced that Maddie Walker would be the second competitor to perform tonight. She will be singing the Jason Aldean song, She’s Country.

Jennifer said “Maddie, that was a great job! I love the way you’re sassy and sweet all at the same time.”

Harry said “I’m glad this show is a two hour show so we have the time to chat. It sounded like you were imitating the song. I want to hear your own version.”

Ryan said that Joey Cook was the next person to sing on American Idol tonight. She will be singing Fancy by Iggy Azalea. It was incredibly cool — Joey did not play any instruments, but she KILLED the song, making it totally her own version. She got a standing ovation from the American Idol audience and judges.

Harry said “That arrangement was brilliant, and I think you sang it brilliantly. Somebody out there believes you are a star.”

Jennifer said “It was really a smart choice for you. I can see you doing a whole album like that some day.”

Ryan said “You owned that! Great job!” She made her way back to her seat, which was also green.

Then, American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said that the next person moving forward after the nationwide vote was Clark Beckham. He played the piano and sang Takin’ It to the Streets by the Doobie Brothers, a great song choice for his voice.

Keith said “It was really cool seeing you play the piano tonight. I want to feel there’s something you’re trying to get out. I want to be inspired.”

Harry said “It wasn’t my favorite performance, but I think you are a very introspective guy. Keep doing what you’re doing.” American Idol headed to another commercial break.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, then said after the break that Jax was the next one to move on. She sang the Taylor Swift hit, Blank Space. She did an amazing job singing this Taylor Swift song and making it her own.

Harry told her “One of your many talents is taking a new song and making it different. I thought that was a carbon copy of the same song, though.”

Keith said “It was a good song from a popularity standpoint, but you should have chosen a different song so that you can be Jax.” Ryan promised there would be more incredible performances on American Idol after the next break.

After the commercial break, American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, introduced Qaasim Middleton, and his chair also stayed green. He sang Jet by Paul McCartney and Wings. He also played the guitar as he sang. Qaasim did an awesome version of this cool song. Harry did not look super impressed, though.

Harry said “I want to start off by asking you a question. What did Paul McCartney mean when he said ‘suffragette.’ What is your opinion on that?”

Qaasim told him exactly what it meant, that it referred “to the women’s suffrage movement.” Harry obviously had thought Qaasim did not know. Harry said “I don’t think your performance met the song choice.” He got roundly booed.

Keith said “I loved it! I’m just saying. I loved that your playing the guitar helped your singing, I really did.”

Jennifer said “You make every song a party.” Then, American Idol went to another break.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said that the next person to go through based on America’s votes is -” Jennifer then read, “Adanna Duru!” She sang Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars.

Adanna Duru proved to be more than a match for the fast-paced energetic song. She OWNED the song, and the stage. The audience clapped as she sang, and then applauded and cheered for her.

Keith said “That’s why we saved you, right there! You’ve got all the cool things like Tina Turner.”

Jennifer said “You were like the master, telling us all how to feel.You did a really good job. The whole thing was much better.”

Tyanna Jones, 16, was the next name that American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, announced. She sang Tightrope tonight. She sang in a rapid-fire fashion, but still had control over the song. Tyanna is a super good performer, and she KILLED this song with her version of it.

Jennifer said “Tyanna, you absolutely sparkle on camera. I started getting the goosies from head to toe. You are so in control! It was complete!”

Harry said “If I were a judge in the Olympics, I would not have clapped, I would not have stood up. I would have sat here quietly and given you a ten.”

Keith said “You sing, and say ‘Look what I get to do.’ It was beautiful, baby!” Tyanna began crying tears of joy.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said “We’ve got three spots open.” The three spots will be announced after yet another commercial break.

When American Idol returned from the commercial break, Ryan introduced Daniel Seavey, the next musical artist to sing tonight on American Idol.

Daniel Seavey sang the Pharrell Williams song, Happy tonight. He played the guitar as he sang. He had the American Idol audience clapping the entire performance.

Harry said “Daniel, do you know what I did last night? I spent a good half hour going over all of your performances. You are immensely talented. I’ll be honest with you. That performance felt the most comfortable to me than any of your performances so far.”

Jennifer said “Impossible not to root for you. You’re just that guy.”

Then, on American Idol, Ryan said there were two places left. Before hearing who will fill those places, the show went to another commercial break.

“After the vote, it’s good news for Quentin Alexander!” American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said. Tonight, Quentin sang the Adele song, Rolling in the Deep. The American Idol audience clapped along as he sang, and he did a great job singing it and making it his own.

Keith said “Really cool! I love how you did a different version of the song, and took a female song and made it your own.”

Jennifer said “You bring a different flavor! It was cool and soulful.”

Harry said “I felt that it was a relatively shallow interpretation. You were just kind of floating around and smiling. I didn’t feel you did what you normally do each week.”

After another commercial break, American Idol host said that the last name would be revealed. The person who did not get named would be cut.

“After the nationwide vote, the person who will be singing for your votes and moving on to next week is…Nick!” Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol, said. Nick Fradiani sang Wake Me Up by Aloe Blacc. Sarina-Joi Crowe is in danger of being sent home, unless the judges use their one “Save” on her.

Nick did a beautiful version of this song, and played the guitar as he sang. The American Idol audience clapped as he sang, getting into Nick’s performance.

Jennifer said “There’s so much emotion going through you there. It was a great song choice for you. It got a little bit away from you, but you got it back at the end.”

Keith said “It’s an odd feeling to sing a million miles away from the band, but I think we’re going to see you next week.”

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said that “After the break, Sarina-Joi Crowe will be singing for the one judges’ Save.”

When American Idol came back, Sarina-Joi sang Neon Lights by Demi Lovato. She gave it her all, and sang a terrific version of the song. The judges have to be all agreed in their decision if they use their Save, though. The audience chanted “Save!” over and over again.

Jennifer said “Now, we’re in the Top 12. Somebody has to go home. We will not be using the Save this week.”

On American Idol this Thursday, March 12, the Top 12 competitors became the Top 11. There were some incredible performances during the episode, some of which were the best of the season yet for the individual performers. It was sad to see Sarina-Joi Crowe get eliminated tonight. Who will stay, and who will go, of the remaining 11, next Thursday? Be sure to tune in then, to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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