Apple, a Tasty Brand of Technology

AppleSince Apple Inc. was founded on April first 1976, it has proven to be anything but a joke in the technology industry. One might say Apple Inc’s brand is as tasty to the tech world as the fruit is to the organic world. The brainchild of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, skyrocketed to success from the get-go. The 38 year old company is now the world’s second biggest tech company financially, right behind Samsung Electronics.

Upon the Apple Inc  stock going public on November 25, it became the first American company to be worth over 700 billion dollars. The second most valuable company is Exxon Mobil, which is only worth half of Apple’s monstrous 700 billion dollars, coming in at 382 billion. Apple is currently in the process of building a solar energy farm specifically for running its own offices in California on three thousand acres. While the iPhone still has yet to conquer the Asian marketplace, it’s certainly on the way.

The amount of various products offered by Apple is quite staggering, and constantly growing. For instance, Apple recently filed a patent for an electric car. Before the iPhone came out a decade ago, smart phones were considered to not be a necessity. After it’s revolutionary phone was released it has had over six different updates/generations of phones that keep getting bigger and better; aside from the problems with the iPhone six that bends if it is in someones pocket as they sit down. This is an Apple that the majority of the world finds technologically tasty.

Few MP3 players can be compared to their iPod, which can now be used as a computer, phone, and other devices including a music player. Considered to be the front-runner in the personal computer business, the only other company that can keep up with Apple is Bill Gate’s Microsoft Inc. When apple eventually makes it’s own home gaming system like Microsoft’s XBOX consoles, it would be surprising if they do not surpass Microsoft by miles. Can anything stop the Juggernaut known as Apple Inc?

Though Smart watches have been sold for a number of years, sales have never really been outstanding; but this was before Apple got into the smart watch market. When the father of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs passed away, the company’s stock took a steep nosedive to 380 dollars per share largely due to questions if Apple would be able to keep being a leader of technological innovation. This is where the as yet unreleased smart watch comes into play. Fashionable, durable, and packed with various features, Apple’s smart watch is positioned to take over the smart watch market, just as it did with MP3 players and smart phones in years past. Apple Inc’s Jonathan Ive even helped design the new lightsaber seen in the trailers for Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, which features a handguard that can help prevent characters from having their hands cut off; a common problem among the various Star Wars movies. One wonders however where apple has to go from here apart from a gaming console? The possibility exists that without alien technology produced by Apple, the company may have reached it’s apex, it’s prime. Only time will tell.

The world lost an amazing human being when Steve Jobs died, fewer philanthropists have donated nearly as much money and products as Steve Jobs has over the years. He was a family man who surprisingly kept much of his company’s products out of the hands of his children. This leads some to believe that the reason is more devious than Jobs simply wanting his children to enjoy life without relying completely on electronics for entertainment and the million apps available. Considering the research into microwave radiation that comes from cell phones, it may be time the world took a step back from technology. Who knows what the world would look like should massive EMP explosions happen thereby destroying all electronic devices.

For now however, Apple shows no signs of giving up it’s dominant hold on company value. It is a stock that can make a person rich overnight should various conditions come to pass, and is considered to be one of the safest stocks to invest money into. If you have the opportunity to grab a stock or two, the technology company known as Apple Inc might be the tastiest non-fruit one could ever get it’s hands on.

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