Britney Spears on Vacation Rumored to Be Engaged


Britney Spears is rumored to be engaged to boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, after the Las Vegas Headliner observed her sporting a sparkling ring while she was on vacation in the sunny Islands of Hawaii. The shiny sparkler was openly seen, as the 33-year-old pop artist paraded barefoot, in a turquoise bikini with black lining, made by Victoria’s Secret. A pair of mirrored sunglasses cloaked her eyes from the strong rays of the sun, as she made her way to the beach holding a lengthy novel, a bottle of water, as well as some sunscreen to prevent herself from getting scorched. The pony-tailed Ebersol, shirtless, and wearing a pair of bright red shorts, waited for her by the lounges keeping Britney’s two sons, Sean Preston, age nine, and Jayden James, age eight, entertained.

The blonde star was next seen shielding her head in a beige sunhat while taking a break from her sun-soaked relaxation for a light snack, which she brought from the hotel. On her next beach sighting, she was spotted in the ocean splashing away with her two boys, and wearing a purple blue two-piece, which she later combined in a black baseball hat as she and her boyfriend enjoyed some kissing time, while floating on the waves.

Britney Spears seems to be happier than ever, since she and Charlie began their relationship six months ago. Recently the two-time divorced pop star told People Magazine in an interview that she would “love to” be married again and talked about the importance of going the distance, though she herself does not claim to be the expert on love.

Now rumored to be engaged since being seen on vacation, Britney Spears’ life has come a long way. Her first marriage was to childhood friend, Jason Alexander, which took place in Las Vegas and ended only 55 hours later. Her career was getting stormy around this time, and shortly after her quick divorce, she got involved with a dancer in her backup, Kevin Federline. The two had a good relationship, which grew deeper after being followed closely by the media. Though her personal life seemed to be going better, her professional career was still down from where it had been a few years ago. At one point she cancelled one of her tours due to knee surgery.

After Britney Spears married Federline in 2004, her career started picking up again. She released her Greatest Hits album titled: My Prerogative, which did quite well, but fell about a million sales short of her previous one. Spears was content overall in her life, and found when she was pregnant, it brought out a new, purer side in her. Spears and Federline had their first son, Sean Preston in 2005, followed by the second, Jayden James in 2006. Only two months later, however, it was announced that Britney had filed for divorce based on ‘irreconcilable differences.’ The separation of the two was followed by a bitter custody battle for the two children, which coincided with her tackling many career, as well as personal issues with her parents and other family members.

Now that Britney Spears, after rumors during her vacation, appears to be engaged, she sees marriage and love in a new light. For her it is about being respectful, communication and loving each other. As she told People Magazine, “It takes two people just loving each other a lot.”

By Bill Ades

Hollywood Life
Daily Mail
Photo by steven.i – Flickr License

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