Bruce Jenner Becoming a Woman


In recent months it has become clear that Bruce Jenner, Olympian gold medalist and star on reality television show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, has started his transition into becoming a woman. Jenner has admitted to taking hormonal therapy medication, doing plastic surgeries to make his appearance more feminine, and he has even declared his woman name as Belinda.

Earlier this year, paparazzi took pictures of Bruce near his home in Malibu. In the pictures Bruce’s hair was past his shoulders, he had painted nails, and his breasts appeared to be larger than normal. As speculations began to circulate in the L.A. community, friends of the Jenner and Kardashian family came out to talk about Jenner. Friends admitted that Jenner has always wanted to be more feminine. He was supposedly caught in his wife, Kris Jenner’s, clothes a few years ago in their family home; and Kris got very upset with him.

Bruce Jenner has made it clear that he wants to be very public with his transition, even agreeing to appearances on talk shows to discuss the details of him becoming a woman. He admitted that he recently went under the knife to decrease the size of his Adam’s apple, a common surgery with the male transitioning into the female gender. Jenner also admitted to taking hormonal therapy medication, which is what resulted in the enlarging of his breasts.

Jenner’s family has been very supportive of his decision, however, his ex-wife, Kris, has continued to deny the remark, saying, it is “an outrage.” Daughter Khloe has repeatedly told reporters she is extremely supportive of Jenner, stating, according to reports, if this will make him happy it is the right decision for him.

Younger daughters Kendall and Kylie, told friends that originally they were a little uncomfortable with the idea of his transition. They have, however, always been supportive. Furthermore, they have realized it is what is best for Bruce.

Friends and family have said the news did not come to much of a surprise to them, “Bruce seems very comfortable in his own skin now and that is what matters”. When Jenner made his woman name public, he also shared that he will still be attracted to women. He told Diane Sawyer on her talk show that he has asked his family and close friends to start calling him by this new name.

The big elephant in the room is whether or not Jenner will complete the transition with a sex change. His daughters have said they do not really wish to know the details, it just matters that their dad is happy. Jenner told his family he will also begin wearing women’s clothes more often around the house and slowly become more public with it.

In an effort to be more public about becoming a woman, Jenner has agreed to do a spin-off of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The producers shared that the footage of him revealing the news to his family will be aired along with many other steps in Bruce Jenner becoming a woman.

Written by Audrey Madden


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Photo by – City of Santa Clarita – Flickr License

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