Disneyland Fire Erupts


A fire was reported as having erupted at Disneyland in Anaheim, California on Saturday night. A park fire crew quickly responded to the small blaze, which happened near the It’s a Small World attraction. Flames were apparently reported to personnel of the park at around 9:20 p.m. Officials for the California Disneyland said that there had been no reported injuries from the blaze and that although the ride was shut down for a period of time during the evening, the park was able to reopen the attraction relatively quickly.

A spokesperson for Disneyland, Suzi Brown, issued a short statement about the fire itself, as well as the handling of the situation within the park. In the statement, Brown said that the blaze happened in some of the foliage that was in the backstage area near the attraction. The fire was not actually inside of the It’s a Small World attraction itself. The Disneyland fire crew responded quickly to the scene and were then able to knock down the fire relatively fast. Brown did not believe that there had been any major damage to the area and also believed that the attraction itself had escaped unharmed.

DisneylandAlthough the fire that erupted at the California Disneyland was quickly contained and no injuries or real damage was reported, an investigation is underway to determine what caused the fire in the first place. At this time, Brown believes that the blaze probably started because of fireworks, however, there has been no definite answers at this point in the investigation. Her belief is that the fireworks show which typically starts at around 9:25 p.m., actually started earlier because of the possibility of rain and that potentially caused a problem.

With the Disneyland fire crew quickly handling the small blaze, the only area affected was the It’s a Small World attraction. The park remained open and operational until its normal closing time of midnight.

For fans of Disney who have never actually been to the California Disneyland, the park is a smaller size in comparison to its cousin park, Disney World. In fact, Disneyland actually opened before the other park and while it is a much more modest size in comparison, it still offers many of the same features. There are attractions based on classic Disney characters and movies or programs. While some of the rides and attractions that once graced Disney World are no longer in operation, visitors to Disneyland can still experience some of the more classic attractions.

Of the classic attractions that call the California Disneyland home, are Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and of course It’s a Small World. With these being classic staples of the park, a fire near one of these attractions is one that will most certainly spark an investigation.

The Anaheim Fire and Rescue did respond to the call at Disneyland following the eruption but were called off as the parks own fire crews were already handling the situation. Although no apparent damage was reported at the time, inspections and the investigation into the cause of the small blaze will continue.

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