Ferguson Was an Eye Opener

On Aug. 9, 2014, an 18-year-old African-American named Michael Brown was shot and killed during an altercation between Brown and a police officer named Darren Wilson. Ferguson Missouri is where this took place. Today the justice department finally released the findings of its investigation. Following the release of said documents, it wasn’t hard to find a set of eyes that were wide open in Ferguson Missouri. The Justice department cleared Darren Wilson of an unlawful shooting, but revealed that racism is still running rampant all throughout the city. Who knew?

The current Mayor of Ferguson, James Knowles,  proposes that “We must do better, not only as a city but as a state and a country.” With the large amounts of emails that were found to have been of a racist nature between Ferguson officials, it seems obvious that before Goliath can be killed we must first take down David. The corruption, racism, and police brutality that has been shoved into the public view as of late is breathtaking, to say the least.

When the Governor of Missouri can only describe the findings of the justice department as “deeply disturbing”, it sends a clear signal that the system in place is broken. The findings the justice department released today reveal that not only is the police force of Ferguson racist.The hatred is running rampant throughout all facets of the city government. It makes one wonder what did Martin Luther King Junior truly accomplish decades ago?

With Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson came public outcry of people saying “No more!” in regards to allowing police officers to go unchecked. Over the past 6 months there has been dozens of cases of police killing unarmed civilians without just cause. The majority of America is sick to death of cases like Rodney King, Robert Leone, and Michael Brown clogging up the gears of justice. Perhaps Ferguson served as an eye opener for the world in that this country is not the safe happy place that propaganda would have one believe. President Barack Obama’s first suggestion following the Ferguson shooting was to have all police officers wear live body cameras while on duty. By doing this, officers like Darren Wilson have more to back up their story than simply their word.

The body cameras are a good start for officers in Ferguson. However anyone who can use the internet can see that it’s not enough. While protestors around the country have seemingly been subdued, not a week goes by without some other innocent civilian being beaten or killed by police.Today a peaceful protest was held in Ferguson after the decision made by the Justice department. From the west coast towns of Wasco and Hollywood Boulevard to Ferguson Missouri and all the way to New York, people are ready for a change. A change must come. If considerable reformation of the entire country’s judicial system does not happen, America may find itself in a state of war.

Many militants have put forth great effort to sow dissent and hatred into the hearts and minds of the average citizen. There is going to come a time when the rest of the world is going to come to this country to help itself. The U.N. is very close to finally pressing sanctions onto the United States because of the amount of police brutality going on. All the country needs to do is open their eyes and take a glance at how many people in Ferguson refused to work, go to school, or do anything society told them they had to. Reformation is coming, and hopefully it won’t take another civil war to get the needed results.

Opinion By Benjamin Johnson

NY Times

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