Germanwings Crash: Eyewitness Accounts and Foul Play Angle Being Reviewed



Initial reports of the Germanwings plane crash are coming out with a lot of eyewitness accounts and the foul play angle being looked at. As per the last update one of the black boxes, the flight data recorder has been located and is being retrieved. Search is still on for the cockpit voice recorder which will certainly provide many answers. The plane according to the authorities has been ‘obliterated’ in the devastating crash with all 150 passengers and flight crew presumed dead at the moment.

It has also been reported that the officials of Lufthansa have confirmed that the plane took-off 30 minutes late from its scheduled departure. It is yet to be confirmed if the reason for this delay was technical or baggage issue. The plane was scheduled for flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. It had six cabin crew members on the flight along with 144 passengers. The detail of the nationalities of the passengers is still unconfirmed. A German group of 16 exchange students and two teachers are also said to have been on the fight.

The Germanwings jet was an Airbus A320 which according to many eyewitness reports glided and literally skimmed off the snow covered tops of mountains in the French Alps. Another witness in the region said that he saw the plane flying so low that he felt it was impossible for the plane to clear the mountain. It is being said that the plane’s descend was very steep and at a rapid pace.

germanwingsA big challenge for the rescue teams is the difficult terrain of the Germanwings plane crash site. It is said that no help can reach the location through road transport. Only helicopters can be flown to the site and that too would need clear weather. As of now, the rescue helicopters are unable to land at the site due to the treacherous terrain. The site of crash is Estrop massif which is close to 9000 meter-high and situated about 100 miles north of the city of Nice. The crash of Germanwings passenger jet has started receiving many eyewitness accounts and the angle of foul play is being looked at.

A person who works in the region as a mountain guide has mentioned to the local media that he witnessed the plane crash and then took the police officers to the crash site. He said that he could see the plane wreckage from Mariaud pass. He also mentioned that it was clear to him that the Germanwings plane had crashed into the mountain side. Other eyewitness reports suggest that the plane made strange noises before it crashed. They have said that they came out of their homes after they heard weird noises made by the plane at 11.30 A.M. They earlier thought that it could be one of the fighter jets that fly in the region. They heard the noises for as long as 8 seconds multiple times.

The Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 disappeared from the French air traffic control screens at 10.47 A.M. after which they issued a distress signal. As per the French officials, the plane did not send out any signal of ‘mayday’. Initial reports of the Germanwings crash are now coming in with many eyewitness accounts and it is being looked at if there was any foul play involved.

By Ankur Sinha

The New York Times
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