Hilary Clinton Is Not the Answer for 2016


As the 2016 presidential election nears, the current political climate is as rocky and turbulent as ever. Many are polarized, with some only wanting to get Barack Obama out of the oval office and be done with it, regardless of party or affiliation. Others are numb to the point of being apathetic, with millennials having the lowest voter turnout among any generation in history. There are still some who want to go back in time to 2008, only with Hillary Clinton on the Democratic presidential bid, believing her to still be the answer. While these individuals are to be admired for their optimism, Clinton becoming president in 2016 is not in the public’s best interest.

For starters, she appears to be out of touch. At recent meetings and panel discussions, everything she had to offer was basically a regurgitation of the same speeches she made in her bid for the presidency in 2007 and 2008. Tangents on topics such as income inequality, urban revitalization and the high unemployment rate, which point out the problems without saying so much as a word about any sort of way of fixing them. The superhero-like view Clinton has of herself does her more harm than good.

Which leads into the next point; Clinton seems to think that the answers to the problems can be partially solved with mere charisma, which is not a practical approach for the 2016 election. In a recent appearance at the Center for American Progress, a venue popular with those on the left-wing side of things, she gave repeated pleas of teamwork, particularly as a means of coming out of poverty. To suggest a protocol of bootstraps as a solution to a societal ill, such as poverty is lazy at best, inconsiderate and irresponsible at worst.

Also, in the same appearance, Clinton gave subtle jabs to Obama and various Republican figures. If she wants to appeal to the masses, then there needs to be a little bit more tact on her end.

Besides, it would also be in the best of interest for millennials to have younger presidential candidates to choose from. Someone in their late thirties or forties would likely have a better idea of the needs and desires for people in that generation, than someone whose nearly 70.

Alas, many feel that Clinton is the only answer. As Republicans have returned to dominance in the senate and house, many Democratic representatives in Congress feel that she is their only means of staying afloat in the coming presidential election. They cite her large reputation and cross-demographic appeal as the reasons, with some saying, “she’s too big to fail.” Many also pointed out the dearth of other notable Democrats vying for a presidential bid during this election season.

On the heels of the Great Recession, as the turbulent and controversial presidential term Obama has had is coming to a close, political and socioeconomic morale has dipped to some of the newest lows in recent memory. In regards to the 2016 election, many people seem to think that the only answer is to vote for Hillary Clinton, but that is not the case. America is in need of a president that has proven they are capable of a lot more than speaking very well.

Opinion by Philip Cunningham


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Photo: Keith Kissel – Flickr License

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