Iggy Azalea Breast Implants Open Dialog About Image


Body issues continue to plague young men and women, whether the image concerns lead to plastic surgery to make things bigger or smaller, anorexia, overeating or other responses. Iggy Azalea’s forthright revelation that she got breast implants after years of feeling unhappy with her physique is brave and could open a healthy dialog about image and self-esteem. It is certainly more admirable than other celebrities who just pretend their body, which others may try to emulate, is a natural phenomenon or deny they have had work done even when it is pretty obvious.

The 24-year-old blonde female rap star announced that she recently had breast enhancement surgery. She acknowledged that she had thought about getting “bigger boobs” for a long time.

Aussie rapper Azalea always seemed to have a model’s figure – slim and 5 feet 10 inches tall. She admitted, however, that she tried going to several modeling agencies. They did not want her after taking her measurements. She was a size 0 or 2 on top, with a size 6 bottom. The willowy singer was also told she should lose some weight and get a nose job. Her reaction was predictable with a negative effect on her self confidence. “I was looking in the mirror a little differently,” she told Vogue. Even after becoming a highly successful recording star, Azalea was still plagued by issues with her body image.

The difference between her top and bottom, as well as her tiny waist, drew attention to her backside, a body part getting a lot of attention in gossip and music. That also includes Azalea’s collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, whose caboose has drawn attention to, on the song Booty.

Azalea (whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly) was still unhappy with her physique. She was tired of having padding sewn into the breast area of her stage costumes. She has also related that she wanted to be able to wear lingerie without wiring (something people with larger breasts would think only they encounter).

The rapper decided she wanted to help fans who might feel bad about their bodies by publically revealing the procedure four months ago. So she chose to be very open about it and talk to others who may be body conscious.

Azalea grew up in New South Wales, Australia, and moved to the U.S eight years ago. As a young girl obsessed with Tupac Shakur and Missy Elliott, she had a rap trio with two other girls. “I liked the idea of doing something seemingly impossible in a field without women,” she recently commented.

She has accomplished that. Her song, Fancy (featuring Charli XCX), reached number one on the Billboard charts last spring. Problem, her collaboration with Ariana Grande, went to number two. This made Azalea the only recording artist besides that Beatles to have their first two hits reach the top two slots simultaneously.

Kudos to Iggy Azalea for using her celebrity to reach other fans who may have self-image issues and open a dialog about her breast implants. Although, hopefully, part of the dialog will be that her decision may not be the right one for others.

Opinion by Dyanne Weiss

Los Angeles Times
Daily Mirror

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