Jimmy Fallon Has His Pie and Plays Pie Golf on ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, March 23, started off the work week right, with an entertaining show and terrific guests, and he had his pie and played Pie Golf, too. Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, welcomed guests January Jones, from Last Man on Earth, and pro golfer, Bubba Watson. Later in the episode, Fallon played a game of Pie Golf with both Jones and Bubba Watson. The musical guest of the show was Brandon Flowers.

The Tonight Show began with host, Jimmy Fallon, doing his monologue. Fallon joked about stories ripped from today’s headlines, like Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, announcing that he was going to run for president in 2016. “Finally, Carnival is not the most dangerous ‘cruise’ in America,” Fallon said. “Chris Christie warned voters not to support candidates who flip-flop on the issues. Which is strange, as Christie likes a good waffle.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon talked about U.S./Israeli relationships. Fallon also said that France banned half of the personal cars in France to combat air pollution. Fallon joked about HBO working with Snoop Dogg to create a family drama set in Los Angeles.

“The most popular cereal was Cheerios, while the least popular, once again, was Ebolios,” Jimmy Fallon said.

The Roots played Fallon to his desk. The Villanova piccolo girl was sitting in with The Roots. She kept on playing during the NCAA basketball game, despite being very sad that her team was losing. Jimmy Fallon showed that somebody added Joe Biden looming over her, and somebody else also added John Travolta. Jimmy Fallon presented her with a gift basket, and he said that “Taylor Swift is giving you two tickets to her world tour.”

Host Fallon mentioned some of the upcoming guests, like Mitt Romney. Then, he said that tonight’s guests will be January Jones, pro golfer, Bubba Watson, and musical guest Brandon Flowers.

Then, Fallon did a comedy bit called “In Reply To.” Jimmy Fallon read tweets, that said what they were in reply to. “It’s almost down to the Sweet 16,” was one that Obama supposedly said. That was supposed to be about how long it was until Obama would be able to leave the White House. Another was from Duke’s basketball coach. “It took years of hard work to finally achieve it.” That was supposed to be in reply to how long it took him to correctly spell his name.

When the Tonight Show came back from a break, host Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the show, January Jones. He said that she was a part of the cast of Mad Men and also Last Man on Earth. Fallon showed a couple of photos of Jones, one when she had a bowl cut style haircut when she was about four, and one when she was Miss South Dakota. She said that she “had to borrow my outfit.” She told Fallon that she read an original story she wrote about America for her talent, and her dad walked her out in her evening dress.

Fallon talked with January Jones about The Last Man on Earth, and January Jones’ role in it. Then, he said it was kind of sad to say goodbye to Mad Men. “What a role! What an experience!” he said.

“Yeah, it seems like only yesterday,” she said. “I cried the whole last few weeks of shooting,” she told Fallon, though she had a hard time not laughing as she talked with the Tonight Show host. Fallon showed a clip from the last episode. It was a pretty touching scene of Jones in bed wondering if she was a good mother.

Jimmy Fallon

After another commercial break, when the Tonight Show returned, host Jimmy Fallon challenged January Jones to a game of Pie Golf. He introduced the number two golfer currently in the world, Bubba Watson. Bubba was wearing the green jacket he had won, Fallon suggested that he take it off, and they all put on goggles.

Bubba went first, then Fallon. Fallon stuck one of his balls onto the velcro-like background. January nailed Watson in the face with a pie. Bubba quickly evened the score, and January hit Fallon in the face with a pie. Jimmy Fallon got his revenge, and Jones smashed a pie into Watson’s face. Fallon got to hit next, then he said the next one “was for the win.” He could not get his golf ball to stick, though. Watson did get his next shot to stick, and Jones hit Fallon with another pie. Bubba Watson was declared the winner of the game.

Jimmy Fallon

After yet more commercials, host Jimmy Fallon interviewed the second guest of the episode, Bubba Watson. Fallon still had pie remnants on his face. “You’re fantastic, obviously. Are you excited about Augusta coming up?”

“Yes,” Bubba replied. “It’s the best tournament of all year, and the courses are in perfect shape,” Watson said. He told Fallon he “had never taken a class in his entire life.” Watson said he “shot a 60 at age 12.”

“My grandmother made the knickers for me,” Bubba Watson said, as Fallon showed some photos of Watson when he was younger and playing golf. Watson talked about meeting young kids at some of the golfing events, and how he enjoyed giving clinics. He said at one of the clinics that “700 kids showed up.”

Watson told Fallon that before some of the tournaments, he ate two burritos. Whenever he did, he would win. Fallon happened to have a couple of burritos and gave a chicken one to Watson. Then, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

When the Tonight Show came back on, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest of the show, Brandon Flowers. Flowers performed the song Can’t Deny My Love from his album The Desired Effect. He was the lead singer of the Grammy-nominated band, The Killers, before going solo in 2012. Flowers sounded great singing the song off of his latest album.

With another work week upon most of America, what better way to spend the evening than watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? With the lovely actress and model, January Jones, as one of Fallon’s guests, that would be enough, by itself, to make for a great episode of the Tonight Show. But, he also had on pro golfer, Bubba Watson, and he and Bubba played a game of Pie Golf with January doing the honors by smashing pies in their faces. Brandon Flowers closed the episode singing the cool song, Can’t Deny My Love.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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