Jimmy Fallon Sings ‘History of Duets’ With Kelly Clarkson [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

Monday night, March 2, 2015, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon started off the week with another fantastic show. Fallon’s guests were Terence Howard from the hit TV series, Empire, actor Ryan Reynolds from Woman in Gold, and the lovely musical performer of the Tonight Show was Kelly Clarkson. Jimmy Fallon sang a History of Duets with Clarkson this episode, and he also played the game Egg Russian Roulette with Ryan Reynolds.

The Tonight Show began with Jimmy Fallon doing his monologue and joking about events and people in the news of today. For example, Jimmy Fallon joked about the RNC chairman criticizing Joe Biden because “he can’t control his mouth.” According to Fallon, Biden said “That’s what she said.”

Jimmy Fallon then said some slogans that South Dakota and Utah came out with to try to get President Obama to visit their states. One example was “South Dakota: The Tropical Dakota.” Fallon said that Kanye West was coming out with a new album, So Help Me God, or, as Kanye put it, So Help Myself.”

Fallon said Apple’s Tim Cook mentioned he got up early in the morning so he did not get to see any late night shows. So, Jimmy Fallon then showed photos of Tim Cook in different poses, and played a song about Tim Cook, poking fun at him.

Jimmy Fallon got played to his desk by The Roots and he said who some upcoming guest later in the week will be, like Hozier. Then, he said “from the new movie Woman in Gold, Ryan Reynolds is here!”

Fallon said that he and Reynolds would be playing Egg Russian Roulette later in the show. The musical guest would be Kelly Clarkson. Jimmy Fallon said that Hashtag the Panda got his own toy made of him that is being sold now a the NBC store.

Fallon pushed a button in the panda bear’s paw and the Hashtag song played. Then, the actual Hashtag the Panda came out with a basket-full of the plush toys, and he threw them into the audience.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from a break, Jimmy Fallon said that Kelly Clarkson had been saying she was having a hard time finding people to do duets with. Fallon volunteered, and Kelly came onstage. The first song they sang was I Got You, Babe, then they sang Mockingbird, Islands in the Stream, Don’t You Want Me, Stop Dragging My Heart Around, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Lift Me Up, Opposites Attract, and Endless Love, among others. It was pretty darn AMAZING!

Jimmy Fallon

After another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon welcomed his first guest this Monday night on the Tonight Show. Fallon said “Our first guest stars opposite Helen Mirren in Woman in Gold, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ryan Reynolds! I love you!” he siad.

“I love you, too,’ Reynolds said. They talked about “bumping into each other in weird spots,” like parks and aboard flights. Reynolds mentioned a time when Fallon brought him food from Burger King. Reynolds said “You do a really good Aaron Neville; I do a really bad Aaron Neville.’

Ryan also complimented Jimmy Fallon on his impersonation of singer Michael McDonald. Fallon congratulated Reynaolds on his new daughter. Ryan said “I think she’s allergic to sleep.” He said that the “Baby Einstein stuff, for me, is like horse tranquilizer.” He added that “I came from a family of boys –homicidal boys.”

Reynolds told Jimmy Fallon “My dad cut our hair with a hammer. We did terrible stuff to each other. It was like an episode of Cops every week.”

Ryan said that his baby daughter was his second one. He was looking forward to tea parties with them. Fallon asked Reynolds about Woman in Gold. It is based on a true story, in which Mirren’s character had a painting stolen off of her wall by the Nazis, one called Woman in Gold. The painting was the most valuable one in Austria.

Reynolds plays Mirren’s attorney, who wants her painting back. Jimmy Fallon showed a clip from the film, then challenged Reynolds to a game of Egg Russian Roulette. Reynolds accepted the challenge and they will play after yet more commercials.

Jimmy Fallon

Announcer Steve Higgins said that “Eight of the eggs are hard-boiled but four of them are raw. You must smash the eggs on the top of your heads. Ryan Reynolds, you, as the guest, must choose the first egg. Choose wisely, my friend.” Ryan chose the first egg, and it was a hard-boiled one.

The first egg that Fallon chose was a raw one, and he smashed it over his head. Ryan chose a hard-boiled egg, then it was Fallon’s turn to choose again. It was a hard-boiled one.

“The game continues!” Higgins said. Reynolds chose another egg, and it was also a hard-boiled one. Jimmy Fallon’s next egg was hard-boiled. Then, Reynolds had his luck run out, smashing a raw egg over his head. They both did an egg a the same time. The one that Reynolds chose was hard-boiled; the one that Jimmy Fallon selected was a raw one, making Ryan Reynolds the winner of the game. Then, the Tonight Show headed to another commercial break.

When the Tonight Show came back from more commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, Terence Howard from Empire. “In the history of the Nielsen ratings, no show has increased in ratings week after week before Empire,” Terence told Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon said that Terence, who plays Lucious Lyon, is so good with Cookie Lyon’s character, played by the wonderful actress, Taraji P. Henson. Fallon said “Congratulations” that the show had already been picked up for season two.

“Can I talk about the Oscars for a second?” Jimmy Fallon asked Terence. Questlove cracked up, because he knew what Jimmy Fallon and Terence were about to talk about. “First and foremost, I forgot to wear a belt that day,” Howard said. He thought he had his lines memorized, then he saw Oprah, and Chris Rock.

Jimmy Fallon said “I have the video.” He played it and Terence looked like he had totally lost his place as he was speaking. He hit the microphone, which did not help the sound quality.

“Thank you so much for coming on the show! We love you so much!” Jimmy Fallon told Howard.

Jimmy Fallon

Then, Jimmy Fallon introduced Kelly Clarkson, singing Heartbeat Song from her album, Piece by Piece. Clarkson took the stage and did an awesome job. She got the audience really into the song, and had them clapping along as she sang. Her voice is as powerful and beautiful as ever.

The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Monday, March 2 2015, was a great start to the week and Jimmy Fallon singing a History of Duets with Kelly Clarkson was one of the amazing highlights of the episode. Check out the video below! Also, actor Ryan Reynolds talked with Fallon about his upcoming movie, Woman in Gold, and played Egg Russian Roulette with him, another highlight that was pretty cool. Actor Terence Howard and Jimmy Fallon talked about the success that Howard’s hit TV show, Empire, is having, and Kelly Clarkson closed out the evening with an excellent performance of her song, Piece by Piece.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Clarkson History of Duets clip/Courtesy YouTube, NBC and The Tonight Show

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