John Kerry Makes Proposal for Iran Nuclear Plan, but France Is Reluctant


John Kerry has made his proposal for the situation of negotiating the Iran nuclear plan, but France is reluctant to follow his advice. As Secretary of State, John Kerry has announced that he would like to see negotiations with Iran get done quickly, as the draft for the plan is suppose to have a March 31 deadline, but as France is concerned, they state that they believe taking quick action and “rushing into” things could only create a bad deal. As Kerry arrived in London on Friday to try and talk down France, it is unclear if they will agree on a deal anytime soon.

Along with the U.S. and France, the other countries involved in making the deal with Iran are Britain, Russia, China, and Germany. All of the countries are working to negotiate a deal that would lift economic sanctions previously placed on Iran, but only if they agree to restrictions placed on their nuclear weapons capability. The Obama administration has been working long and hard on this deal, to try and see it to fruition, but without meeting the deadline of the end of March for the draft of the plan, the Iran nuclear plan may get pushed back.

France has typically been reluctant to make deals with Iran, always pushing for harsher terms. In fact, in the year 2013, as the countries were trying to create an interim nuclear deal, France demanded harsher terms then, as Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius actually went public with his concerns.

Kerry was working to keep things under wraps in London, as the countries meet to determine if a possible negotiation deal can be proposed when the meetings ended on Friday, but are set to continue in Lausanne, Switzerland on Wednesday (though some sources have reported them to begin Thursday). Kerry stated publicly that the reason for the meetings was to try and reach an agreement among the four Western governments, so that the final issues could be resolved. The Secretary of State said that it was important that the fundamental decisions be made now, as the world has an opportunity to “get it right.” But even though John Kerry made his proposal for the Iran nuclear plan to be carried out quickly, France is still reluctant, as French ambassador Gerard Araud supposedly posted on Twitter that it was too risky to stick with the March 31 deadline.

If a March 31 deadline can be met for drafting the Iran nuclear plan with Iranian officials, an official agreement is expected to be completed by June. Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei, has the final word on the nuclear deal. So far, the deal is set to prevent Iran from gaining complete access to nuclear weapons capability, while lifting sanctions on them over time, as they complete the agreement. However, Khamanei stated publicly in Iran that he was expecting for sanctions to be lifted all at once when signing the agreement. He expressed his anger toward the other partners in the agreement, stating that they broke their promises, changed their views, and cheated.

Though it seems as if there is much hostility going on between many of the countries involved, Kerry feels optimistic that they will be able to meet a deal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is also optimistic, stating that achieving a deal is possible, as there is nothing that can not be resolved. John Kerry’s proposal for the Iran nuclear plan only recommends that the countries take quick action, but as France is expecting to agree on harsher terms they are reluctant to take a quick deal. Kerry has made statements that show that “genuine progress” is being made in the negotiations, but says there are still many gaps to work out.

By Crystal Boulware


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